'SFRB on Sunday' Archive

The San Francisco Review of Books on Sunday had a good run.

We were glad to feature it and, in the process, furthered diverse perspectives on issues of our day. The show, which began on August 27, 2017, concluded on February 25, 2018, having been replaced by Cotto/Gottfried. Feel free to roam this archive to catch-up on all available episodes. They are a time capsule of politics and society from the period in which they were broadcast. 

Episode Archive

(2/25/2018) Cultural Marxism v. Post-modernism: Paul Gottfried disagrees with Jordan Peterson
(2/18/2018) What impact does immigration have on economics? Edwin Rubenstein explains.
(2/11/2018) Will we see tort reform in the midterms? Walter Olson explains.
(2/4/2018) What will immigration policy mean for the midterms? John Derbyshire explains.
(1/21/2018) Why does the conservative/GOP establishment hate Donald Trump? Robert 

Weissberg explains.

(1/14/2018) The Austrian School of economics explained -- by Paul 


(1/7/2018) What is the future of libertarianism in America? Jeffrey 

Tucker explains.

(12/31/2017) America's elite have a pedophilia problem. Joachim Hagopian explains the roots of this rot.
(12/24/2017) What does multiculturalism really mean for America? Byron Roth explains.
(12/17/2017) How can black men escape poverty? Aaron Clarey explains.
(12/10/2017) Did Jesus Christ really exist? Richard Carrier shares some inconvenient truths.


(11/26/2017) What is the 'War on Christmas' really about? Peter Brimelow explains.

(11/19/2017) What's the deal with 'angry white men'? Maybe not what you think. Wayne Allyn Root explains.

(11/12/2017) Adam Kokesh on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in today's America

(11/5/2017) Religious freedom isn't free -- especially in the military. Mikey Weinstein explains why.

(10/29/2017) Why is secularism surging? The American Humanist Association's David Niose explains.

(10/22/17) Which trends are coming our way in 2018? Gerald Celente explains.