'SFRB on Sunday' Episode Guide

A different sort of Sunday talk show.

Sunday talk shows have long held a revered place in American culture. They are where millions upon millions of concerned citizens turn to so a good idea might be formed about current events. In our digital age, however, traditional news outlets are seeing their power wane as alternative sources find prominence. 

Not all of these are reliable, though, hence the concept of 'fake news.' Amid a time of rapid transition and the confusion which can grow from this, where should people turn to for solid information about the happenings that impact their lives?

The San Francisco Review of Books is glad to answer this question in a most definitive manner. On August 27, 2017, the first episode of SFRB on Sunday was released. It was the opening chapter of a refreshingly old-school approach to news reportage, yet with a twist: voices often overlooked by the mainstream media are afforded the attention they deserve. 

Each episode features a guest who has something important to say about the issues that shape society. Rather than run with sound-bite-driven 'interviews' which last only a few minutes or sensationalist 'debates' where the host shouts down the person being addressed, appropriate consideration is given to diverse ideas. Knowledge, rather than pandering, is the focal concern.

Every interview lasts for about thirty minutes and is now followed by a much shorter discussion with Dr. Paul Gottfried, one of America's most outspoken -- and politically incorrect -- academics, who chairs the SFRB's editorial board. He brings a firmly-grounded, forthright perspective to current events that were not covered during the primary interview. 

With a projected running time below forty-five minutes, each episode is designed to deliver as much information as possible without skimping on conversation quality or denting your schedule.

SFRB on Sunday is hosted by the Baron Joseph Ford Cotto, editor-in-chief of the Review.

Episode Guide

(1/7/2018) What is the future of libertarianism in America? Jeffrey 

Tucker explains.

(12/31/2017) America's elite have a pedophilia problem. Joachim Hagopian explains the roots of this rot.
(12/24/2017) What does multiculturalism really mean for America? Byron Roth explains.
(12/17/2017) How can black men escape poverty? Aaron Clarey explains.
(12/10/2017) Did Jesus Christ really exist? Richard Carrier shares some inconvenient truths.

(12/3/2017) Deep state pedophilia is a plague on American society. Robert David Steele explains the rot.

(11/26/2017) What is the 'War on Christmas' really about? Peter Brimelow explains.

(11/19/2017) What's the deal with 'angry white men'? Maybe not what you think. Wayne Allyn Root explains.

(11/12/2017) Adam Kokesh on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in today's America

(11/5/2017) Religious freedom isn't free -- especially in the military. Mikey Weinstein explains why.

(10/29/2017) Why is secularism surging? The American Humanist Association's David Niose explains.

(10/22/17) Which trends are coming our way in 2018? Gerald Celente explains.

(10/15/17) Should Rex Tillerson stay in the Trump Administration? Robert David Steele explains.

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