The 'Cotto/Gottfried' Show

The thinking man's current events show.

Talk shows about current events have long held a revered place in American culture. They are where millions upon millions of concerned citizens turn to so a good idea might be formed about current events. In our digital age, however, traditional news outlets are seeing their power wane as alternative sources find prominence.

Baron Joseph Ford Cotto,
Not all of these are reliable, though, hence the concept of 'fake news.' Amid a time of rapid transition and the confusion which can grow from this, where should people turn to for solid information about the happenings that impact their lives? is glad to answer this question with Cotto/Gottfried. This multifaceted, informative program offers a fresh, engaging, and substantive take on the issues of our time. 

Dr. Paul Gottfried

Co-hosted by SFRB editor-in-chief Joseph Ford Cotto, a socio-political realist who wrote a nationally-syndicated newspaper column and, before that, worked as a social journalist for The Washington Times's Communities page, and Paul Gottfried, perhaps today's most stalwart paleo-conservative and one of America's most politically incorrect academics, it brings a fresh view to the table.  

Most episodes feature a guest who has something important to say about the issues that shape society. Rather than run with sound-bite-driven 'interviews' which last only a few minutes or sensationalist 'debates' where the host shouts down the person being addressed, appropriate consideration is given to diverse ideas. Knowledge, rather than pandering, is the focal concern.

With a typical running time of about an hour, every episode is designed to deliver as much information as possible without skimping on conversation quality or denting your schedule.