Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Book Review: 'Mosquito Creek Inn (The Mosquito Creek Detective Club Book 1)' by Sherrie Todd-Beshore

Mosquito Creek Inn by Sherrie Todd-Beshore
‘Local girl goes missing in severe storm’

Colorado author Sherrie Todd-Beshore has dual citizenship – in Canada and the US – and has been an active journalist in Canada, Colorado and New York. She now devotes her skills to writing novels in both the YA and adult mystery/suspense/thriller genres. Sherrie has published 16 books to date. MOSQUITO CREEK INN was first published in 2015 as the initial novel in a series that has been successful with seven volumes so far. 

Mosquito Creek is in Montana and the atmosphere Sherrie writes matches the beauty of that state. She opens this initial book of a long series with a hint of where the mystery will flow – ‘Dear Patrick, June 11, 1997 It all started when part of the wall gave way and Sonia fell, face first across the threshold of a hidden doorway…That night Sonia wasn’t supposed to be trying on her mother’s new shoes. After her mother left to show some houses and her grandpa went to Dr. Howes’ for his weekly game of chess, she was supposed to put her younger sister and two younger brothers to bed, then she was supposed to finish a Girl Scot badge assignment, and then she was supposed to finish some ironing. But after the younger ones were in bed, checking out both pairs of her mom’s fancy new shoes became Sonia’s biggest priority….At first she could hardly believe what she had discovered. Kids always think there must be a secret room, they even dream of a secret room but they rarely find one. This was where her mother hid the birthday gifts and Christmas presents, and the false wall was the reason Sonia had never found anything before….’

And the secrets and mysteries begin, related in a manner that will appeal to young adult readers. The story is condensed as follows; ‘Eleven-year-old Sonia Molosky's quiet summer and that of her close friends begins to shift after an insurance investigator arrives in Mosquito Creek to settle the vast estate of a young heiress who disappeared seven years before. When Sonia discovers the contents of a suitcase behind a hidden door at the back of her mother's closet, she convinces six of her pals to help her search for new clues to the unsolved mystery. Curiosity soon escalates events to an unexpected discovery that challenges their untested resourcefulness and courage in order to outwit and expose a cruel and cunning foe. While attempting to retrace the path the missing girl rode her horse the afternoon she disappeared, history begins to repeat itself...’

Taut, sensitive, full of well painted and interesting characters and adventure and good ideas, this little book opens the door for an ongoing series of the now formed Detective Club. Solid little book, this.

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