Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Book Review: 'Conscious Luck: Eight Secrets to Intentionally Change Your Fortune' by Gay Hendricks and Carole Kline

Conscious Luck by Gay Hendricks

‘Change your luck and create abundance’

Co-authors Gay Hendricks PhD and Carole Kline have each published books on personal growth, consciousness, relationship transformation and body-mind therapies and now they join forces to share their own experiences and in doing so proceed to instruct on taking charge of our destinies. 

In a manner that combines both the intensity of one-on-one therapeutic sessions as well as warmly friendly conversations, these two great minds bring viable concepts to employ to change our luck, offering their direction with reference to their personal journeys and in doing so make the ideas firmly accessible. Throughout this manual on learning how to alter our destinies are moments such as how to overcome fear: ’Respond rather than react, Use the breath to switch the body’s biochemistry, Face your fear’ – simple rules on the surface but in the manner of delivery that long-present feeling of fear can be conquered! Another feature that enhances their message is the use of quotations, such as the Latin proverb, ‘Fortune favors the bold’, Tobias Wolff’s ‘We are made to persist…That’s how we find our who we are,’ and Dolly Parton’s down to earth statement, ‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose.’ 

The eight secrets of the title are freely shared – Commit to be a Very Lucky Person, Release your Personal Barriers to Good Fortune, Transform Shame into a Magnet for Abundance, Have Luck-Worthy Goals, Take Bold Action Consistently, Find Your Lucky Tribe, Learn to Be at the Right Place and the Right Time, and Practice Radical Gratitude and Appreciation. The labels of these secrets are strong, but it is the investigation of the meaning of each secret that makes this book so invaluable in altering our destinies.

Following this fruitful encounter the authors leave us with such afterthoughts as Emergency Luck Repair Techniques – ‘As soon as you become conscious that things are not going your way, stop what you are doing and immediately find one lucky thought –a thought that opens up possibility.’ That is the quality of ongoing support that makes this book enlightening and enriching. Highly recommended

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