Saturday, May 23, 2020

Book Review: 'Book Title Generator: A Proven System in Naming Your Book' by Scott Lorenz

Book Title Generator by Scott Lorenz

‘Your title is the first barrier to a sales conversion’

Book marketer/publicist Scott Lorenz is very highly regarded in the literary world because of his gift for sailing books from birth to bestseller - a guide with a roadmap to success for many contemporary authors. One of the many reasons he is successful is his ability to offer wise counsel in a manner that mirrors a conversation with a best friend. He now has written a book that more than likely will become a staple in the armamentarium of all writers, both new and experienced, a book that succinctly and professionally advises authors about the importance of choosing a book’s title. 

A trait that suffuses Scott’s writing is his wry sense of humor, a quality that keeps the impact of his advice comfortably accessible. He finds key words to underline his message – words like ‘discoverability’ – that keep the reader focused on the mission of his lesson. And of course, as the expert, he states it best: ‘The book you are reading now is the definitive guide to understanding what makes an effective book title. Over the following pages, I will discuss specific areas and methods that employed properly will help draw attention to your book, giving it the broadest possible audience, converted into the only bottom line that really matters: sales.’ Roadmap established, and the book is launched.

Each chapter is introduced with a quote from very well known literary figures, a wise backup for his topic being addressed. The contents of the book cover the importance of the following thoughts – correct keywords (very important in securing search engine discoverability on Amazon, Google, etc), wisely using the most possible space for the title (something that will fit on a thumbnail on a cell phone!), mastering the use of emotional words, using alliteration and poetry, numbers/alliterations/idioms, utilizing a series title, the use of Pen names (how and why and if), genre mash-ups/parody/contradictions, and the new impact of the use of profanity. Each of these topics is discussed with Scott’s droll humor.

The book is brief but packed full of key advice on creating the right title for a book that is critical to success. This is an indispensible, first rate adjunct to the art of writing – and selling- your book. The goal: discoverability! Very highly recommended. 

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