Friday, April 10, 2020

Book Review: 'Wind Chill Less Than Zero' by Kendel Duncan

Wind Chill Less Than Zero by Kendel Duncan
Pacific Northwest author Kendel Duncan offers insights into her literary career in her brief bio, stating that ‘Kendel Duncan is the pen name for Dara Nelson. Why did I choose a pen name? Simple – different genres. I started out writing M/F paranormal romance books, vampires and such. And while I still do love a good vampire tale – it’s the M/F part that guided me to separate my writing. My characters changed. They let me know that my heart, my love, my joy was in writing M/M fiction so that is where I am firmly ensconced and where I plan to stay.’ There is something so honest and straightforward about authors who share so comfortably that make you love their books before you even start.

In Kendel’s case her ability to transfix the reader with her m/m erotica is evident when you check the following she has established – especially for this BLACK OPS SERIES of this book is #6 WIND CHILL LESS THAN ZERO. She offers a prologue to set the mood – ‘Cooper Thompson kept his eyes trained on both the bar across the street and on the red dots on his iPad screen. One of them, the one attached to Riley Miller’s Harley, was unmoving. The other, the one that Cooper had managed to tuck into the collar of Riley’s shirt after they had kissed each other in the bathroom in that bar, a kiss so hot it still had Cooper hard in his jeans – that dot was slightly moving as Riley moved around in the bar. Cooper was still coming to grips with the fact that Riley had kicked him out and not come with him even though he knew his life was in grave danger. Cooper had kissed a lot of men in his life but never had a single kiss turned him inside out the way Riley’s kiss had. He wanted more, craved more but the man had also said that he never slept with his partners, he never crossed that line between work and personal. So what did that mean for them? They were set to be paired while working for Drake’s Black Ops team. But Cooper ached for the stubborn, lost man more than he’d ever thought possible.’ Get you going? That is just the start.

The story outline – ‘Join Drake Malone as he struggles with his overwhelming grief while still trying to somehow be a dad to his newborn twins and get to know Hunter Nyland, Drake’s childhood friend, himself a recent widower – who selfishly drops everything to move in with Drake to help him with his kids, help him through his grief, and, he hopes, help the man to open up his heart again. But can Hunter be what Drake needs or is his fight to save the man that he now realizes he loves not going to be enough? For Riley Miller it’s the struggle of being lost in the undercover world, so far buried under the fake identity he’s had to wear for the last four years that he no longer really remembers who the real Riley is. Cooper Thompson is just supposed to be Riley’s new partner – and maybe a one-night stand too once Coop gets a look at the gorgeous man – because Cooper Thompson is a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy – he doesn’t do relationships……until he meets Riley Miller. Are these two men too lost and broken? Or can these two somehow find each other in the darkness of their souls and find love?’

Mix with the highest level of heat and steamy erotica and you have yet another irresistible installment in Black Ops Heroes. Kendel gets it right. Grady Harp, September 16

This book is free through Kindle Unlimited

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