Monday, April 27, 2020

Book Review: 'Figuring It Out: A Memoir about Connolly, Inc's Journey to the Top' by Libby Connolly Alexander

Figuring It Out by Libby Connolly Alexander

Starting from scratch and zooming to the top – An American success story

Author Libby Connolly Alexander pens one of the more impressive journeys to success in this warmly readable memoir that not only shares a rather amazing advancing business career and enterprise, but also supplies the reader with down to earth advice about how to succeed in business using hard work, persistence, integrity, risk-taking, being determined, creating a top-notch executive team and thus ‘creating serious value – by figuring it out!’

Libby’s family payment integrity firm, Connolly, was created by her courageous father, and following her joining the firm in 1984, she and her brother and husband moved the company into the Healthcare payment integrity realm with enormous success. She served as CEO of the ‘new’ Connolly Healthcare division and ultimately became the CEO of the entire firm, creating through her mastering of analytics the portal for the expansion of adding Advent International and iHealth Technologies to the armamentarium, the expanded firm became the now famous Cotiviti! If anyone is a resource of how to achieve success in business (and in life) it most assuredly is Libby Connolly Alexander.

The manner in which Libby shares her knowledge and her qualities as an inspiring human being is evident in her writing style. Quite simply she introduces the family company’s history: “After years of following the traditional American dream, forging a path that allowed him to rise through the ranks of the retail world, my father came home one day with an announcement that would change the future of our family for generations. While we were gathered for dinner, he announced he would be leaving his position as the chief operating officer of Gimbels department store in New York City. No longer would he be leading one of the country’s largest and most respected department stores. The comfort and security of his corporate accomplishments would be left behind to follow a dream of a different sort. With eyes void of doubt, my father shared his plans to embark on a new venture, one that none of us understood…Fully aware his decision posed a fair amount of risk, my father chose a different path, one that would immerse my entire family in a nascent business filled with uncertainty…My father gave us a blueprint masterfully explaining the core values and principles that support any successful business, a blueprint I’ve mapped out in this book.” 

That degree of courage and commitment, presented in a most accessible manner, submits a guideline that governs all the different nuances contributing to a rewarding voyage of accomplishment. Informative, wisely delivered with sound advice, this book will likely become a staple in business schools. Very highly recommended for both those beginning or expanding a business – and for those who thirst for healthy guidance in achieving life goals.

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