Friday, April 24, 2020

Book Review: 'The Count of Baldpate' by Sherrie Todd-Beshore

The Count of Baldpate by Sherrie Todd-Beshore

‘Female Shaman’s grave found in Israel’

Colorado author Sherrie Todd-Beshore has dual citizenship – in Canada and the US – and has been an active journalist in Canada, Colorado and New York. She now devotes her skills to writing novels in both the YA and adult mystery/suspense/thriller genres. Sherrie has published 16 books to date. THE COUNT OF BALD PATE was first published in 2014. 

Baldpate Inn, the source of the title, is in Estes Park, Colorado and the atmosphere Sherrie writes matches the beauty of that state. She opens this book with a hint of where the mystery will flow – ‘’Are you ever going to answer either on of your phones?” Cleo Rule leaned against the casing of the open outer screen door after pushing open the inside door. There was no response from her husband who remained seated at his desk. Hank’s back was to her and the open doorway. She tried a little louder. “This persistent tag-team ringing is disrupting my morning news!” “Close the door! You’re letting in cold air.” Cleo shivered slightly despite her heavy sweatshirt and sweatpants, Still looking at the back of her husband of thirty-eight years, grinning she nudged the inside door open farther. Professor Rule swung completely around, his antique oak chair squeaking. “I’m trying to think. I can’t think with interruptions – in the cold!” He patted on side of his graying, black curly hair. “Really?” Cleo crossed from the doorway to Hank’s roll to p desk. She returned the cordless phone to its cradle then dropped his cell phone onto a stack of paper. “Me either.” “What’s all the fuss?” “I have no idea, but these two started taking turns an hour ago. And now you have the new sheriff of Estes Park waiting for you on the house phone…”

And the secrets and mysteries begin, related in a manner that will appeal to readers of thrillers and mysteries. The story is condensed as follows; ‘When a business card belonging to history professor Hank Rule is found on the body of a murder victim near Baldpate Inn, Estes Park, Colorado the new sheriff wants to know why. But as the investigation progresses discovering why becomes more convoluted and treacherous for everyone connected to the case than any of the seasoned detectives had ever experienced before. Chasing clues across the country - and from another century - and a sly killer across Europe they discover a stunning motive more ancient than written history...’ Complex plot yet in Sherrie’s hands it unfolds with polished precision.

Taut, sensitive, full of well-painted and interesting characters and adventure and good ideas, this is a solid little book. And yes, there is a sequel!

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