Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Book Review: 'Book of Advice' by Avishai Maimon

Book of Advice by Avishai Maimon
‘Massage Therapists, hear and listen to all the problems of the world’

California author/massage therapist Avishai Maimon works with both animals and people with massage, stretching, magnetic therapy, iridology, and psychological feedback to the many problems he hears form his patients. As he states, ‘I wrote this book for those who are in need of guidance, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.’

In a conversational manner Avishai offers his experiences in dealing with clients who have challenges in life. His advice and input is offered in the following arenas – ageing gracefully, faith, healing, life and death, love, overcoming adversity, relationships, school of hard knocks, self-esteem, success, suicide, wellness, and inspirational insight. 

The pleasure (and helpfulness) of reading this book is pausing to consider the many bits of wisdom Avashai offers. A few examples of his brief but cogent remarks follow:

‘On the journey of life, you may encounter negative, destructive, and evil people who can push you to grow, flourish and rise above. Positive, helpful, and good people supporting you will nourish you in this process.’ 

‘If you really want an easier life, believe in yourself. Do what you want =, and stop seeking approval from people.’

‘Work on what you’re good at and what brings you joy. The tools to fulfilling those formulas are envisioning a goal, being flexible and determined, and mapping out a technical plan and marketing.’

‘Don’t wait for miracles and wonders to happen. If something is stuck and not moving forward, move it yourself.’

The words may sound simple, but the beauty of this little book is the simplicity and direct manner in which this gentle wise man shares his thoughts and advice, based on dealing with many, many people in his healing profession.

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