Monday, March 2, 2020

Book Review: 'The Strawberry Road: The collective journaling of an ancient wanderer' by Ritch Gaiti

The Strawberry Road by Ritch Gaiti

‘I reached my hand skyward to touch the universe…’ An artist’s insights

Author Ritch Gaiti delivers that sort of book we all wish we could write – our life journey made poetic and universal in a manner that invites the world into personal perceptions and beliefs and spiritual philosophy. Ritch accomplishes this with one of the more creative volumes to be published! A former Wall Street Executive, Ritch is a much admired and exhibited artist: his oil paintings of nature, horses, and Western motifs are sensuously beautiful examples of representation art – an avenue of expression too seldom encountered in these days of memes and selfies! He has also penned fiction and non-fiction novels, screenplays, and magazine articles, and is a popular radio and television guest. 

Perhaps it is the artist in Ritch that is a prominent factor apparent in every line of this story of his meandering down Strawberry Road. His combination of lyrical prose and poetry invite the reader to engage in imagination and in dreams, to see the world through eyes as sensitive as his. 

The painterly words that coalesce to create this journal are eloquent and rhapsodic, and to excerpt a moment from the pages would tarnish the reading experience for the reader. But a suggestion of the quality at the end of his meanderings follows – ‘I explained the unexplainable, with fables from my chest And believed in my beliefs, without knowledge of the rest I was only a point of light, a single grain of sand The unknown held the power of all I did not understand As time spun new cycles, that wove upon one another I picked up stones of awe, and I picked up stones of wonder I tried to find my place within the universe drift As I faltered toward the coming, I wondered what I missed…I wondered if I was missed On my quest for There, which had been here all the while I stepped onto the road, I stepped onto the horizon I lived between the steps…connected only by my journey…’

This is a stunning ‘song of the road’ as performed by a man of immense talent. Very highly recommended 

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