Thursday, March 12, 2020

Book Review: 'The Little Town with the Big Heart (True Tales Trilogy Book 2)' by Michael J. Hawron

The Little Town with the Big Heart by Michael J.   Hawron

‘I’m not from around here, but I am now’

Texas author Michael J. Hawron earned his degree in electrical engineering and behavioral sciences at MIT and his MA in higher education and adult learning from Texas A&M University. Supplementing his life with real time experience, Michael has been a world traveler as a missionary and has shared his exploration of the globe with his five books – ENTERTAINING DETOURS, JUST GOOD CLEAN FUN, SPIES NEVER DIE, AWESOME FOOTSTEPS and THE LITTLE TOWN WITH THE BIG HEART – and this book Michael lists as the sequel to ENTERTAINING DETOURS. 

Michael draws upon his life in New Boston, Texas where he has lived for twenty years. As he shares, ‘This book tells the story – humorous at times – of our adapting to East Texas country life after a lifetime of exotic globe-trotting. Serendipity and good fortune led us to this house with its 120 years of history and its connection to some truly remarkable people. My story celebrates the nurturing qualities of small-town living as found throughout America in towns like New Boston. The various chapters will take you back in time to glimpse charming vignettes and memorable characters all through the lens of the experiences we have lived at our property here on a sandy Texan hillside in a little town with a big heart.’ 

What follows in this relaxing and entertaining outing with Michael J Hawson is a pleasure trip back to the time when life was simpler. The memoir-esque book is brought further to life with color photographs (no, not selfies, but actual camera photos!) that bring the reader even closer to the aura of this small town – the people, skunks, worms, the missionary life, goat farming, historical events and everything that now matters to each of us as the world techs by too rapidly and impersonally.

For an evening of refreshing memories related by a skillful storyteller, THE LITTLE TOWN WITH A BIG HEART is the ‘soup du jour.’ A joyful experience!

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