Friday, January 31, 2020

Poem of the Day: 'Study' by Michael Lee Rattigan


A divine edge   inwardly sequestered   on the leas of cool shadow       new garment   bursting from the grape   of fearless mouth.

Neurasthenic plaint   labouring with love   at the door reunion   more alive   than carbon-based perception.   

In the few seconds it takes   to pass emotion   a complete knowledge Latin terms   convincing   of what is still to come.  

Expanding into shape   the first Tuesday of September   as breath moves through the body   the heart   a blade of grass.   

One goes toward   harmonies of guarantee   from membrane to membrane   the empty spaces   unable to hide.            

An undertow of everywhere   at the speed of thought   an octagonal room’s   churning well   vibrating more melodic seed   through the flowers.    

A key to the kingdom   within the enemy   blind from birth     aortic function   opening a pathway   to where one is.

Michael Lee Rattigan is a poet and translator based in Caterham, Surrey (UK). He has translated the complete collection of Fernando Pessoa's Alberto Caeiro poems (Rufus Books, 2007). His poetry collection Liminal was published in 2012 (Rufus Books). His latest collection Hiraeth was published alongside its French translation in 2016 (Black Herald Press).