Thursday, February 20, 2020

Book Review: 'Man on Edge (A Rake Ozenna Thriller Book 2)' by Humphrey Hawksley

Man on Edge by Humphrey Hawksley

One fine thriller - awaiting cinematic adaptation!

British foreign correspondent Humphrey Hawksley has used his skills globally, having assignments in Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Delhi and Colombo, and contributing to ABC, National Public Radio, the Financial Times, New York Times, Yale Global, Nikkei Asian Review among others. He knows his territories and cultural aspects of the regions about which he writes and more! His impressive books to date: RED SPIRIT, DRAGON FIRE, DRAGON STRIKE, THE THIRD WORLD WAR, SECURITY BREACH, CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE, ASIAN WATERS, and his current thriller series RAKE OZENNA THRILLERS of which MAN ON EDGE is the second installment.

Designing a primary, title character that will sustain interest and allow multiple adventures when creating a series is an ability Humphrey owns: Special agent Captain Rake Ozenna is a native of Little Diomede island in Alaska, and while in the initial novel in this series, MAN ON ICE, his expertise was apparent in a challenge occurring between his island and Russia. Now his skills are further examined in the realm of Scandinavia and Russia. The cast of the series continues in this volume - trauma surgeon, Dr Carrie Walker, American intelligence contractor, Harry Lucas, and his ex-wife, British businesswoman and diplomat, Stephanie Lucas – with new participants… 

The story is both gripping and addictive, capturing credible factors that seem prescient in our contemporary climate, and weaving a tale that races like lighting from the opening to the final chapter. Humphrey’s very apparent knowledge of how countries and leaders function tightly weaves an intense thriller like few other authors. 

Supplying a backdrop of the kaleidoscopic plot stimulates curiosity and commitment – ‘Trauma surgeon Carrie Walker is taken aback when her estranged uncle makes contact out of the blue. Senior Russian naval officer Artyom Semenov claims to be in possession of an explosive piece of information which he is offering to share with the West. But can he be trusted? Travelling to Moscow undercover to meet with Semenov, Carrie finds herself stranded when the carefully-planned operation goes catastrophically awry. In grave danger, there’s only one person she can turn to for help: her former fiancĂ©, Major Rake Ozenna of the Alaska National Guard. Aware how vital it is that he reaches Carrie before others do, Rake knows he’s pitted against a powerful and lethal enemy. But is it a rogue agent - or the Russian state? As preparations gather pace for a high-profile NATO exercise off the Norwegian coast, Rake must act fast if he is to prevent a global catastrophe.’

Successful on every level – fine prose, stunning characters who capture and retain our interest, and insights into the realm of global politics and derring-do – MAN ON EDGE is a winner, and dangles a carrot in front of the reader, awaiting the next volume! Highly recommended

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