Monday, December 23, 2019

Poem of the Day: 'Denial' by Richard Watson Gilder

When some new thought of love in me is born,
Then swift I seek a token fair and meet
That may unblamed thy bless├Ęd vision greet;
Whether it be a rose, not bloodless torn
From that June tree which hideth many a thorn,
Or but a simple, loving message, sweet
With summer's heart and mine,—these at thy feet
I straightway fling; but all with maiden scorn
Thou spurnest. What to thee is token or sign,
Who dost deny the thing wherefor it stands!
Then I seem foolish in my sight and thine,
Like one who eager proffers empty hands.
Thou only callest these my gifts unfine,
While men are praising them in distant lands.
Richard Watson Gilder, The Poems of Richard Watson Gilder, 1908