Monday, December 23, 2019

Book Review: 'The In(ter)Vention of the Hay(na)Ku: Selected Tercets 1996-2019' by Eileen Tabios

The In(ter)Vention of the Hay(na)Ku by Eileen Tabios
Poetry as process

Eileen R. Tabios, who created the fascinating form of poetry called Hay(na)ku, offers her poetry from 1996 to the present. Eileen created this form which can be described as a tercet of three lines, a total of six words (1 in the first line, 2 in the second line, and 3 in the third line - or the reverse of order of the lines/words) with no restriction on syllables or stressed words or rhymes. In this collection she includes computer-inspired poetry and conceptual poems. The impact of her creation has influenced poets globally. 

An example follows:

On A Pyre: An Ars Poetica

eating my
body hotter than

for the
poetry in burning

ravage more
than a drought-stricken 

revenge for
the creation of

so flimsy
against non-metaphorical needs –

At book's end there is among other forms, a series of ‘Haybun’ works – an opening hay(na)ku tercet serving as impetus to the subsequent prose. This is experimental poetry now, but there were days when sonnets and villanelles were considered experimental....Very successful book, this. 

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