Friday, October 18, 2019

'Cotto/Gottfried': Fake news is a problem -- just how serious, though? 'Hoaxed' author Mike Cernovich explains.

Most Americans are skeptical about claims made by long-established media sources. This represents a radical departure from the past, in which the press was trusted by a solid majority of those in this country. What happened? While there are no shortage of answers, the exposure of certain high-profile stories as fraudulent -- at least to some degree -- surely is high on the list. Just how serious is the problem of fake news, though? For journalists, Mike Cernovich is perhaps the most loathed man in America. Last year, he released a documentary, 'Hoaxed,' and a book of the same title, both of which expose deception wrought by news outlets. On this episode of 'Cotto/Gottfried,' Cernovich discusses what he discovered in the making of 'Hoaxed,' explains what is going on with untrue reportage, and much more.

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