Sunday, October 27, 2019

Book Review: '$ell Your Little Heart Out!' by Alan Alford

Author Alan Alford states, ‘The art of sales is something about which I’m extremely passionate. My drive and determination have taken me to heights I never dreamed I could reach.’ This highly respected businessman has garnered many accolades, yet is mission statement is - "Inspired by God to provide the highest quality books, motivation, seminars and special projects so that you or your business can achieve superabundant feats." His premise, ‘$ell Your Little Heart Out! will teach you how to achieve your maximum sales potential!’ Alan further explains his reason for writing this book: ‘$ ell Your Little Heart Out! was inspired by discovering a gap in the variety of sales books currently available. I noticed that almost no sales books today were written by young minority members— more specifically, by someone like myself who, as the top salesperson for a Fortune 500 company, coincidentally happens to be a young male African American originally from the projects of Brooklyn, New York. Missing out on an entire perspective limits the growth of the sales profession for everyone. Ironically, the vast majority of the top performing salespeople I’ve met throughout my career to date are minorities. We can all improve our sales abilities.’ Wisdom and insight into subjects we have only begun to explore!

Alan’s practical manner of writing/speaking is evident in his statement, ‘Your primary goal as a salesperson is to close deals by implementing the utmost integrity throughout the entire sales process. Management supports anything that’s ethically correct and helps the company grow exponentially.’

He divides his book into accessible sections – Laying the Foundation for Sales Success (‘Salesmanship is a true work of art, a thing of great beauty, grace, and style.’) in which he makes a recommendation, explains it and then provides a recap on the many aspects of sales techniques; Being a Top Salesperson is a Lifestyle – You Need to Sell in Order to Win (‘It’s not about egos or emotions; it’s about winning. I can’t win unless we do business.’) includes his opinions on diet, exercise, weight loss, proper dress, etc: Be a Fanatic in Customer Interaction – building rapport, develop excellent listening and speaking habits, etc; Get Your Ducks in a Row – studying efficiency, fear and urgency; The Art of Closing – presentation makes difference, closing techniques, closing methods; Managing Your Frustration Level – dealing with adversity, incentives and rewards, leave emotional baggage at home, ‘take a chill pill, etc; Character Is King – lead by example, eat humble pie frequently, and ‘Have Faith’ which emphasizes Alan’s spiritual side.

Alan ends his book 75 Sales Excuses – and these cover the gamut! The book is very easy to read and contains fine tutoring from an expert. One negative: this is a very expensive eBook yet it is in dire need of an editor to correct the many layout problems that undermine the book’s credibility. Otherwise, it is a font of valuable information. Grady Harp, May 16

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