Monday, September 23, 2019

Poem of the Day: Untitled by Rus Khomutoff (with Kenji Siratori)

Written w Kenji Siratori
Welcome to your afterlife hollow point arrive unfurling a gaze,valorization of"open"as opposed to"closed",pain superimposed on silence,inner parliaments and/of shadow-a liquidjewel pretty forever going any other way distancing itself from the combine, spire of deliverance on call. This ceremony of nowness peril blast alterphase after pause
Ever and ever glass temple derelict warrens of the same,pendulum hold your colours-peers,pirates & persuasions, new is nothing but a restatement of the old,the sprawl of new immaterialities/interruptions, ruin, allegory,melancholy,anonymous calling- if there are mirrors they can be found in plainsong, forever true momentum surge full of stars, caught in an emotional skynet encore error anyway-the universe experiencing itself
Sabotage the namesake round,...we live in machines but are not machines...restless forms imagine new presents, where past and future meet, serenity of the alkaline difference occupying an abstraction,thieves of mercy all conception into the blue again thought for thought's sake
The feeling of living in unrealtime between shadow and light under the enchantment of a blur, in the burning sands of elevation, and so it is that we exist until we do, numinous machines of loving grace
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Rus Khomutoff is an experimental language poet in Brooklyn,NY. His poetry has appeared in Proprose Magazine, EgophobiaPoetheadRasputin and Hypnopomp. This year, he published his debut, Immaculate Days (Alien Buddha Press). He is on Twitter @rusdaboss.

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