Friday, September 6, 2019

Book Review: 'The CEO's Lucky Charm' by Stella Marie Alden

The CEO's Lucky Charm (Players #6)
New Jersey author Stella Marie Alden, often teamed with Canadian author Chantel Seabrook, steps out on her own to offer this tale, rich in adventure, romance and erotica. It aims to satisfy the Chick Lit group as well as the young male heavy breathing clan! We are up to Book 6 in her PLAYERS Series – and they just get better!

Stella knows how to set tension on fire in her opening paragraphs – ‘I wake in the middle of the night, convinced someone’s in my apartment. Holding my breath with my heart pounding, I freeze, praying to God I’ll hear no more. When a floorboard creaks in the hallway, I duck my head under the covers and reach for the iron frypan under the bed. I cooked a steak yesterday and the skillet is drying on a towel next to the sink. Dammit, where is my cell phone? It’s charging on the kitchen table, Isabella. I am so scared. A shadow-man opens my bedroom door and I rotate my head ever so slowly to check my nightstand. Perhaps, a weapon will miraculously appear but my inventory consists of a plastic lamp, my eReader, and a bottle of Advil. All that’s left is tooth and nail. If I must die, I’ll go down fighting, making sure they’ll find his DNA. Regular breathing indicates to me that my intruder’s not overly afraid or excited and I put that in the plus column. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I can survive this. The dark form moves closer and a bright light blinds me. “Help! Fire! Fire!” I bolt for the bathroom but am jerked back by my ponytail. Dropping to my knees, I shriek from the pain in my scalp. “Hello Isabella.” That male voice freezes the blood in my veins, even more than the frostbite I endured the last time I saw him.’

But on to the plot as summarized for us by the author – Famous entrepreneur, Grayson Patten III, has just taken control of his father's company where a former CEO embezzled millions. Three fries short of a happy meal, Xavier Cross is determined to ruin Grayson, steal his woman, and make his life a living hell. - Isabella - I thought my old boss was in an island in the Caribbean until he broke into my bedroom. Now, he's threatening everyone I love, intent on revenge. He may have blackmail but I got something way better; fifteen uncles with loaded shotguns and one seriously [angry] fiancĂ©. Grayson - Her voice is too curt and her shifty look, downright confusing. I'm pretty sure she's asking for help and it gets me to thinking. Four weeks ago, I almost lost her to hypothermia while her employer, my ex-roommate, chased her into the woods. What if he's back? Maybe that's why she's acting so strange. Whatever the reason, I'm sure not letting her go. To keep safe what's mine, I'll fight to the death.

Short, stringent, erotic and naughty – an adventure for Alden lovers. Grady Harp March 18

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