Friday, August 2, 2019

Book Review: 'ROCK ME, GENTLY (Rocking Romance, #4)' by M.J. Schiller

Rock Me, Gently (Rocking Romance, #4)
Illinois author M.J. Schiller has experienced the Midwest. Born in Kansas, grew up in Missouri, attended University of Missouri-Columbia, and moved to Illinois. She has been employed as a high school/junior college teacher, a personnel recruiter, an office manager of a jewelry store, and now she is an author with eleven books to her credit. She obviously has a terrific sense of humor that embellishes her rock romance/romantic suspense novels.

Mary knows that powerful secret of how to pull the reader into her plot by making the first few paragraphs irresistible. To wit, ‘It was seven-thirty, and he wasn’t even halfway trashed yet. Knowing he needed to make up for a late start, Josh serpentined his way through the press of suntanned gamblers to the bar. The muscular, dark-haired bartender appeared to be stuffed into the tux he was wearing. “What can I get you, Mr. Dunningham?” Stardom had its perks, such as prompt service at the bars. “I’ll have a shot of tequila.” While the bartender turned to prepare the shot, Josh let his eyes roam over the crowd. He loved the ding of the bells and the calls of the craps table and roulette wheel, along with the smell of hot bodies squashed together in a greedy, hedonistic bunch. Yes, this was his kind of place. When he surrounded himself with lights flashing, buzzers going off, shouting, groaning, and cheering, it provided him with a lot of distractions. A sort of artificial life to make him forget about his lack of a real one. Life after his meteoric rise hadn’t changed much for him. He was still drinking every night like he had in his little hometown in Iowa, and trying to make it with the girls. The only difference was now it wasn’t Falstaff or Pabst, it was Crowne Royal or Dom Perignon; that, and the fact that now the girls didn’t need any persuading.’

Setting the tempo Mary goes on to summarize her story for us: ‘Like so many others, their romance started in Las Vegas. He’s a rock star. She’s an ad exec. After almost having a one night affair in Sin City, Josh can’t get Cassie out of his mind. Why had she run out on him? Like so many others, their romance started with a shot of tequila. When the Josh Dunningham of Money Back Guaranteed tries to seduce her, Cassie is taken aback. Sure, he’s hot. And he could definitely rock her world. But can she have a fling with a man she doesn’t even know? Like so many others, their romance turned rocky. When Cassie returns to Chicago and finds a ten-foot tall Josh Dunningham on a radio station’s banner across from her office, she is tortured by memories of their short time together. When they meet again, things explode—in a bad way—and Josh has to prove himself to Cassie to earn her trust. But will he succeed when outside forces also want to tear them apart? When Cassie receives threatening letters and is attacked in her home, Josh is determined to find out who is behind it. But will the stalker’s encore performance bring an end to their show once and for all?’

Excitement, action, and healthy dollop of steamy romance make MJ Schiller’s novels fall into that enviable category of Chick Lit. She has it! Grady Harp, July 15

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