Thursday, August 8, 2019

Book Review: 'Crisis Point (A Brad Coulter Novel Book 1)' by Dwayne Clayden

Crisis Point by Dwayne Clayden

‘We fought crime last year, and now you leave me for Canine.’

Canadian author Dwayne Clayden brings to his first fiction novel a wealth of experience that makes his excellent opening of his series - the BRAD COULTER NOVELS - completely credible. He has a depth of experience as a police officer, paramedic, tactical paramedic, firefighter, emergency medical services chief, and educator. His conferences on realistic police, medical and paramedical procedures are highly regarded and attended. Dwayne has co-written non-fiction books – PREHOSPITAL EMERGENCY PHARMACOLOGY (2 editions), ESSENTIALS OF PARAMEDIC CARE, and ALS (Advanced Life Support) PROVIDERS – with Dr Bryan Bledsoe.

In electing to succeed with a new series of novels, the initial hurdle is to create a chief character who is able to sustain interest and suggest imagination for episodes beyond the initial story. Dwayne has achieved this brilliantly in his wholly credible Brad Coulter – a Canadian cop whose acumen in performing his duties is spot on, as is his irresistible personality. We meet him during a training drill that defines the stamina and insights and mouthy comebacks the character will offer throughout the adventure. 

Having established the personality and physical qualities of his main character and colleagues, the thriller begins, and is well outlined by the author: ‘Calgary, 1976. Life couldn’t be better for Brad Coulter, a Calgary cop. Partnered with his best friend, paid to keep the streets safe from the riff raff. Until a gun battle after an armed robbery leaves him without his partner and grappling with the sudden burst of criminal activity in his otherwise quiet city. A series of Brinks truck robberies escalate, each one bolder than the last. Cops are losing their lives, and Coulter is determined to catch the thugs, avenge his partner, and keep the streets safe. His new partner, Jerry Briscoe, an acerbic veteran, challenges Coulter to buck up or get out. Briscoe’s tough love gives Coulter the kick he needs. He applies and wins a spot on the newly developed Tactical Support Unit. A lone gunman high on glue, a deadbeat father and abusive husband, and a small grow op, prepare Coulter and the TSU team for what is yet to come. The true crisis point that will forever change the face of a city, and the cops that man its streets.’

Dwayne’s writing style is so attuned to the multiple aspects of this fine story, a fusion of skills, danger, and yes, humor, that the novel speeds by like a bullet. Read one volume and an addiction results: bring on the rest! CRISIS POINT in one fine novel by a man who knows the arena! Highly recommended.

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