Saturday, July 20, 2019

'Cotto/Gottfried': Censored from Trump's anti-censorship summit, Ben Garrison speaks out

Ben Garrison is perhaps America's most well-known right-of-center political cartoonist. Long besieged by troll attacks from neo-Nazis, who appropriated his work and twisted it to reflect their views, he has struggled to set the record straight about his actual libertarian beliefs. Invited to Donald Trump's summit for conservative social media personalities earlier this month, Garrison had his invitation pulled at the last minute after sharp criticism from the left about real drawings of his which were purportedly anti-Semitic. Garrison, an established foe of both far-rightists who despise Jews and leftist politicos who abhor his advocacy for limited government, vehemently denies the allegation. On this episode of 'Cotto/Gottfried,' Garrison explains what it is like to draw political cartoons amid our era of hardened political correctness, his experiences with the White House's social media gathering, how he has handled hits from both sides of the political spectrum, as well as much more.