Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Book Review: 'Recycled Thoughts: Just how Green is Green?' by Jo Roderick

Recycled Thoughts: Just how Green is Green?
Cape Town, South African author Jo Roderick has a rollicking sense of humor as is evident in the brief bio supplied on his Amazon page. His books range from THE BOOK OF LIFE (available in Portuguese and English), FORMAT IT YOURSELF. PUBLISH IT YOURSELF, SIX FOR SEVEN A SOUTH AFRICAN DINNER (a satirical comedy published in Chinese and in English), AEONOSPHERE (a science fiction thriller), and this little gem – RECYCLED THOUGHTS: JUST HOW GREEN IS GREEN?

While some people continue to question global climate changes and the toxic wastes that threaten our planet’s longevity, Jo jumps in with some of the more intuitive and yet entertaining concepts about what we do with our ‘trash’ – as individuals and as businesses and corporations.

In his well-written and solid Introduction to this plan for our improvement, Jo states the following – ‘The green tri-arrow logo upon most of our packaging is almost overlooked in its familiarity. It is a symbol that makes everyone feel better about what we do to our environment, but in reality does very little else. As the world becomes a little more aware of the state of planet earth, it has become fashionable to toss about terms covering all things Green. While it is noble to be concerned, it is simply not enough to become recycle friendly. “Why is that?” you may ask indignantly. Well, the reality is that recycling alone cannot reverse the damage that has been done — and for that matter, continues to be inflicted on our planet! Every decade has its buzzwords. There is always a catch phrase that sells products or ideas. We’ve had phrases like: Waste not want not; Keep it Clean; Keep it Green; Save the Trees; Recycling; Upcycling; Downcycling; Repurposing; the list is endless. At the time of this book, the world has forgotten about the ozone depletion. It has grown used to global warming, and now is Carbon Footprint aware. Anything that even dares to have a carbon footprint must be eradicated at once! Carbon is your enemy! What will the next decade’s panic inducing buzzword be? Are you obsessed about your carbon footprint? Really? Let us put some things into perspective. The average person throws away a cellular phone every two years, a car every three to four years, a refrigerator every decade or less these days, and you are worried about some carbon? The Carbon Footprint frenzy is just a current fashion trend. The time has come for some serious investigating into our own demands and patterns to bring about a concerted effort on a local and global scale. In order to do this we need to look at our past and track the changes through to the future.’

Then Jo takes us on the road to recovery in the following sections - Terms and Concepts, Convenience and Technology, Recycling Pollution, Beyond Mere Recycling, Electricity Production, Reuse and Repurpose, Population Growth, Rubbish Dumps and Landfills, Effects of Water Pollution, and Our Clean Future.

Anyone who can come away from spending time with this book with making major changes in personal and social interaction to campaign about the threats of global warming and the Green Brigade simply didn’t pay attention. We all need this book! Grady Harp, November 16

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