Friday, July 26, 2019

Book Review: 'Let it be Us' by Barbara Speak

Author Barbara Speak now has 10 books published that fit well into the Chick Lit category – gently romantic novel with some interesting twists and variations of human response to life and love.

Barbara leads us into her story with a few paragraphs that set the scene for the novel – ‘Nothing could have been better than the moment Canyon walked into the courthouse that day, forgiving me for walking away from him. It had been ten long months since I had seen his beautiful face. Almost three hundred days of me hoping and praying that my choices were the right ones and he would understand. Luckily, those prayers were answered, and nothing was going to top that. Well, nothing other than Shelby's reaction when the door of our house in Alabama swung open and Canyon was standing in the threshold. She had been watching TV but the second she looked up she started screaming, "No way! No way. No way. No way!" I was standing behind him, watching her as she began to shake in disbelief. Those little hands went over her mouth while she stood in astonishment as Canyon wiped his own tears and began to close the space between them. He didn't make it to the center of the room before Shelby burst into a sprint and jumped into his open arms. I stepped into the house, wanting so badly to comfort her, but this wasn't my moment, it was theirs. Canyon had always been her Knight in shining armor. The one man she counted on. I wasn't alone in feeling lost without him—we both suffered—and the grip they had on each other proved Canyon felt it too. We were all each other had in the world and to be reunited meant everything. Shelby's body began to jerk, and I could hear her gasp for breath as she sobbed into his shoulder. I couldn't keep myself from them any longer. Crossing the room, I wrapped them both in my arms and let all of the pent up emotions lose. I never thought this day would come. Even in my dreams they always ended with Canyon turning to me and saying, "I hate you for leaving me." It was what made me wake up every day regretting my decisions. "Damn, I missed you two so much. Now that I have you back I'm never letting you go again."

And so the story develops – ‘Montana has become everything Arianna Dubray never wanted it be. Home. Now, with every part of her Boston life behind her, she has all she needs to watch her future unfold in her little country life: her sister, Shelby, and the man that captured her heart and never let go, Canyon Michaels. But Canyon was sure Arianna was never coming back, and in the midst of his excitement, he doesn't reveal the one thing that could shatter his dreams of being with her for the rest of his life. When every secret comes to light, the only thing left to do is to leave their love in fate's hands.’

The lady knows how to weave a tale with enough twists to make your head spin – in the right direction! And, this is just Book 2 of a series of 3! Grady Harp, January 18

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