Sunday, June 23, 2019

Interview: ALIPAC's William Gheen says "President Trump needs to honor all of his campaign promises on immigration"

Editor's note: This interview was originally published in April 2017.

Story by Joseph Ford Cotto

After several years on the back burner, serious talk about enforcing immigration law finally returned – thanks to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. With his election, executive-level action was at long last taken.

Do not expect Congress to follow suit, however.

The last time a bipartisan consensus formed on immigration policy was in the then-majority-Democratic U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, it was centered around a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. Mercifully, this legislation did not get through the Republican-led U.S. House.

Among the GOP ranks, opposition to amnesty has solidified since Trump's victory and the 2014 midterm elections. Not long before Trump launched his bid, House GOPers rejected defense legislation because it would have provided for citizenship should an illegal serve in our military.

This move was met with strong criticism, including from center-right voices, which is what made it so commendable. When the rubber met the road, typically spineless politicians chose the more difficult, yet civic-minded, path. "The Honorable" gentlemen and gentlewomen indeed.

Still, kicking the can down the road no longer works. Illegal immigration has grown too vast and far too expensive. The time for legislative action is now, but it must be asked if said action will help or harm the situation.

Before anything else is mentioned, we must realize that the idea of rounding up and deporting illegal aliens en masse is unrealistic. The social consequences of this would surpass imagination, and there simply aren't enough law enforcement officers to do the job.

However, making citizens out of illegal aliens is a plan for abject failure. Not only would unlawful immigration be encouraged, but competition would soar for even the most menial of employment opportunities.

If one thinks it is difficult to build a good career in post-Great Recession America, just wait and see how hard it will be to make ends meet in post-amnesty America.

All too many illegal aliens have minimal interest in assimilating to our country's cultural norms and earn a substantial – yet illicit – salary through public assistance and/or government-funded private charities. Amnesty is not going to bring the average American any fortune whatsoever. Mitt Romney was onto something when he spoke about self-deportation.

Scores of Democrats support amnesty for building a permanent political majority. No small number of Republicans want a first-class seat on the gravy train as well; especially those whose constituents utilize illegal alien labor.

William Gheen has seen all of this and then some.

He "is considered one of the top experts in America regarding the topics of immigration, illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, border security, state and federal immigration laws, and associated issues .... Gheen serves as President & Spokesman of ALIPAC and manages all operations and activities," the organization's website stated. "William Gheen's Fight against illegal immigration and any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants has been his mission since September 11, 2004."

It was also mentioned that he "is the primary administrator of the archives at which represents the largest collection of information about illegal immigration in the world .... Gheen also became a contributor to The Hill newspaper which reports on congress, legislation, and government issues with the largest circulation of any Capitol Hill publication .... Gheen is a veteran campaign consultant and North Carolina native with over 15 years of experience in Internet and grass roots organizing, marketing, research, campaign management and event coordination. He has an undergraduate degree in political science from East Carolina University, has served in several leadership positions, and has experience working with over 40 campaigns for public office."

ALIPAC -- which is an abbreviation of 'Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee' has long-since-established itself as one of our nation's strongest voices against illegal alien amnesty. Gheen recently spoke with me about several issues relative to America's immigration situation. Some of our conversation is included below.


Joseph Ford Cotto: Immigration control is a concept with which most of us are familiar. Why, in your opinion, has it become such a political lightning rod?

William Gheen: Because America's existing border and immigration laws have been woefully underenforced because elements with non-Constitutional influence on our Executive Branch have pursued a policy of pumping illegal aliens and unsustainable levels of legal immigrants into America.  

While many companies and power groups have benefited from this invasion, tens of thousands of our citizens have lost their lives, hundreds of billions of taxpayer resources have been stolen, elections have been stolen, and millions of jobs have been taken from our citizens while wages have been severely depressed.  Americans that know the role of lawmakers and the media in this betrayal are rightfully fighting mad.

Cotto: What advice would you give Donald Trump in managing current immigration trends?

Gheen: President Trump needs to honor all of his campaign promises on immigration matters including his promise to end Obama's clearly illegal and unconstitutional DACA amnesty orders.  We need many years of intensive border and immigration enforcement without discussion of any form of amnesty to deport many illegals and encourage many more to leave on their own accord.

President Obama used executive powers to, essentially, mandate his own version of the DREAM Act. His effort was ultimately found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Trump is now using executive authority to pursue his own beliefs on immigration policy. He too has run into trouble with the judiciary. Do you have any insight for him on how the presidency should be used regarding immigration matters?

Gheen: Donald Trump needs to cancel Obama's unconstitutional Dream Act Amnesty immediately or he himself becomes what he criticized Obama for.  Trump can cancel DACA without a replacement with the stroke of his pen today.

Cotto: Some believe that America needs mass immigration now more than ever. They say that such a thing will reinvigorate the economy. What would you say to left-leaners who hold this view?

Gheen: Mass illegal immigration and hyper levels of legal immigration are being used to prop up bubbles in real estate, consumer markets, and government debt markets.  While mass immigration does prolong the unraveling of these exponential based bubbles, in the end the bubbles will pop but instead of unified Americans taking on the resulting hardship and dangers, America will be filled with millions of people that either don't care to assimilate or hate our guts.