Friday, June 28, 2019

Book Review: 'The Fountain of Youth Is Just a Breath Away: Breathing Exercises for Relaxation, Health and Vitality' by Molly Larkin

The Fountain of Youth Is Just a Breath Away: Breathing Exercises for Relaxation, Health and Vitality by [Larkin, Molly]
California author Molly Larkin, born in Brooklyn, has been a spiritual seeker and student of human potential since the age of seven, when her teacher said human beings only use 10% of their brain capacity! She made a mark studying with Native American and indigenous elders from around the world, and was an apprentice to Muskogee-Creek healer/teacher, Marcellus "Bear Heart" Williams, co-authoring "The Wind Is My Mother; the Life and Teachings of A Native America Shaman" with Bear Heart. In addition to getting in touch with her own mind and spirit she works as a healing practitioner and spiritual counselor with an international clientele to restore balance to body, mind and spirit. Not content to share her teachings with humans alone, Molly also works with pets and horses, helping them achieve emotional, spiritual and physical balance.

In this involving book Molly addresses breathing and how we can increase our energy and heal our body more quickly by learning to breathe correctly and incorporating breathing exercises into our daily routine. She divides her message into the following sections: Spiritual Aspects Of The Breath, A Few Breath Facts, What Is Correct Breathing? The Science, Or, As I Like To Call It, Motivation!, Anatomy Lesson, Chanting, Toning And The Breath, and What Your Doctor May Not Know.

As a sample of her writing style, in the first chapter Molly writes, ‘Many ancient cultures teach that life begins with the first inhale and ends with the last exhale. This is a profound truth, and yet we give very little thought to the breaths we take in between. Why is that? Perhaps because we tend to take for granted all that is sacred around us. Our breath is, indeed, sacred. It can extend our lives, as well as the quality of our lives. It can calm us, focus our minds and bring life-giving oxygen into our body. So, for a balanced, healthy life, it’s time to start paying attention to it.'

There is so much to gain by reading Molly’s book – and to think it all starts with simply learning the art of breathing. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, December 15

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