Sunday, June 9, 2019

Book Review: 'Daughter of Ra (Blood of Ra Book Two)' by M. Sasinowski

Daughter of Ra by M. Sasinowski
‘The memories will reveal themselves to you in time – with decades of meditation…’

Polish-born Virginia author Maciek Sasinowski thundered onto the literary scene with HEIR OF RA one of the best conceived and executed fantasy adventures that, while directed toward the Young Adult audience, adult readers with an appreciation for his mixture of mythology, science, and adventure will find it makes a fine impact. Now he continues that impact with DAUGHTER OF RA, and he just gets better! Of note, Maciek’s humor, liberally sprinkled throughout his books, is suggested by his daughter’s biographical summary: PhD in physics AND an MD (!) with a keen interest in archeology, martial arts and music.

DAUGHTER OF RA is Book Two of the series Blood Of Ra, and a fine second installment this is. The adventure opens with tense moment in Giza where Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, fights with aggressors, ultimately slaughtering them but not until his wife Hathor is stricken – a blood-curdling opening for this fast paced novel. Alyssa Morgan remains the key character in this tale that spreads across the globe and time from Egypt to Hungary to Washington DC to Nepal and Hong Kong, and the degree of tension never diminishes. Just as with Alyssa’s perplexing problem of searching for that line that separates her memories or delusions from the past with the harsh realities of the present, the continuing saga conjoins myth and reality as Alyssa explores the ongoing mystery of her mother’s disappearance and the other aspects of her ancestral beginnings. The fumes of mythology fill the atmosphere as this book moves at an unbelievably rapid pace to an ending that begs for Book Three!

Probably too frequently YA fantasy books are described as must read/un-put-down-able, but in the case of this novel the description is a tight fit. Maciek Sasinowski has produced a book that ably combines contemporary characters admixed with gods and mythology and science and genetics and keen adventure – a series we can only hope will be continued. Very highly recommended – for all audiences! 

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