Friday, June 14, 2019

Book Review: 'Country Store' by Tim Noah

The multitalented Tim Noah has written both words and music and provided the illustrations for this little children's book COUNTRY STORE. Tim is an award-winning composer, producer and recording artist, having appeared on HBO, the Disney Channel and the BBC. Though he has travelled broadly he has settle in Washington State where he plans to continue this charming series of children's books.

The illustrations are as enchanting as the story and the music as we see a little lad with a nickel goin' to the country store with his dog and invites his friend Bob who is eager to go if he gets help with his chores - farm business galore! But off they go on the long journey to the country store when friend Jim comes along on his bike and offers them a ride. Along they proceed, encounter a mountain and a short cut. Jim assures them the mountain is no problem but it is an arduous trip and they all are pooped when they reach the top and realize the store isn't there. Back down they go with great speed - the bike has no brakes and they run into a cow! But when they pick themselves up and dust themselves off they are at the country store! Inside they meet their friends Sally and Merrilee - and the only one with money is our friend with a nickel!

Complete fun with excellent visuals, music and story and rhyme that children (and most likely adults) will use frequently. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, July 15

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