Thursday, June 13, 2019

Book Review: 'The All-Weather Retirement Portfolio: Your Post-Retirement Investment Guide to a Worry-Free Income for Life' by Randy Thurman

Oklahoma author Randy L. Thurman, with four degrees to his credit including an MBA from Oklahoma State University, has taught investing, personal finance, and economics at the college level as well as researching and applying investment strategies as founder and co-president of Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc. (RIA). He is considered on of the nation’s Best Financial Advisors. Randy frequently contributes articles on financial planning, investing and business ethics to publications such as CPAFocus, Medical Economics Magazine, NW Style Magazine, Slice, Metro Journal, The Oklahoman and has been a guest on Fox News Network's Fox on Money.

Randy’s premise is shared in his Introductory comments – ‘Imagine how it would feel if you could sail through your retirement years, confident you’d done all you could do to have a worry-free income for life, regardless of the economic storms ahead. Imagine the peace of mind you’d have as you turn 65, 70, 85, and beyond, if you knew your money was working as hard as you did during your working years, so you’d have an inflation-protected income for as long as you live. If I could show you how to create a portfolio that would turn those imaginings into reality, would you be willing to spend a few hours learning how to do it? I’m betting you would—and it’s my belief that you deserve to stop worrying about your future so you can go out and enjoy your retirement. That’s why I’ve created a step-by-step approach to investing your money when it’s time to retire, so you can create what I call an All-Weather Retirement Portfolio.’

In this unique (yes, it is unique in that it is a well researched – and experienced) book Randy strikes the gong on that terrifying aspect of survival after retirement. As he states,’ If you’re already retired, you might feel like investing is one huge gamble. You may feel you should protect your principal no matter what, especially since you don’t really know how many years you’ll need the income it provides. Consequently, you might feel safest investing primarily in certificates of deposit, money markets, or government bonds. These types of investments do offer a guarantee of principal (if you hold on to them until they mature). Unfortunately, the dollars you invest in them don’t hold their purchasing power. And if you live as long as we all hope you’ll live, this is a formula for disaster. In the pages that follow I’ll show you exactly how these investments have fared in the past, when the financial environment was excellent for vehicles like this—and I’ll compare their performance to that of other types of investments available to you.’ His knowledge of the financial aspects of retiring reassure us that his book is wise and well worth heeding. He explains ‘How to invest, no matter what happens in the outside world, to maximize the probability you will have a worry-free income for life. ▪Why investing for income is different from investing to accumulate a retirement fund.’

Randy shares his personal history and divides his book of advice into four parts – Preparing to set sail into all kinds of weather, The longitude and latitude of investing after you retire, Designing your all-weather retirement portfolio. and Ready to set sail (with an advisor you can trust, etc).

Solid, well written very accessible book, this, and finally a reliable guide to surviving in what we all fear to be the 'winter of our discontent': Randy makes the sailing into good weather of retirement available! Grady Harp, February 18

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