Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Book Review: 'Serandes: Corporation City Book One' by Frederick S. Blackmon

Serandes by Frederick S. Blackmon

A journey into the future

Author/poet Frederick S. Blackmon has published poems, screenplays, and stories while living in Miami. He now lives in London and is a popular voice in the cyberpunk genre. His books include IN A FLASH (flash fiction short stories), BLOOD FOR KAREN, GUARDIANS OF GRACE, THE ZOMBIE DOCTOR, and now SERANDES: CORPORATION CITY. 

Frederick’s writing is visceral and immediate, traits that make a cyberpunk science fiction work well. The not too subtle commentary on today’s cultural standards and values serve as a launching platform for a story that is creative and involving. There is an ominous prophetic sense to the novel that manages to capture attention and hold it for future rumination.
Frederick knows how to paint atmosphere as his opening words attest: ’Thick drops of rain streamed down from the sky in heavy grey sheets pelting the entire metropolis. This city was called Serandes, and it was the world’s last great Corporation City. Its enormous grey monoliths and towers stood guard over a vas arena of greed and sin. It was a massive living entity with a strong beating heart but no soul…The stark naked buildings wrapped themselves in the gloomy mist and would most likely remain blanketed in bleakness for the rest of the day. Like implacable sentinels, the soaring giants blinked and glowed in defiance of the raging elements. Huddled beneath their ironclad boots, the people of Serandes oozed up form the rusty seams of the city to continue their never-ending march towards progress…’

And as Frederick outlines, ‘In the inevitable future, when governments crumble and greed reigns supreme, corporations will truly rule the world. Serandes is their home, a corporation city above all others. It is the year 2075 A.D. and this single city stands alone in the desolated world as the last center of prosperity, wealth, and culture. In this city, legislation and regulations have ceased to govern, replaced by the private interests of the world's most powerful corporations. The only thorn in their side is an underground rebellion known as the Black Star. This fledgling rebel force is led by Tatem Montgomery and Shariff McDowell, two executives turned renegade. When Shariff and Tatem uncover a corporate power plot to take over the city, they enlist the aid of a child genius to build a unified front and bring order to their city.’

Solid writing from an imaginative author, SERANDES will find a large audience. 

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