Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Book Review: 'The Price of Time' by Tim Tigner

The Price of Time by Tim Tigner
‘The two alpha females…were now the planet’s only Immortal women.’ 

Tim Tigner comes to his role as a novelist specializing in political intrigue with a rich background. His academic preparation is a combination of mathematics and philosophy with psychology and radiology, but after academia his instinct for investigation and thrill seeking led him to serve in the Green Berets, specializing in Russian and Soviet counterintelligence. When Perestroika/Glasnost ‘opened’ Russia (or at least by their definition made it more transparent) led to the fall of the Berlin wall, Tigner’s direction shifted from espionage to arbitrage and he moved form Russia to Brussels where he witnessed the formation of the European Union: his change in focus shifted back to the US and further degrees in business and International Studies and he settled in the Silicon Valley as a corporate type in the medical device industry. And as if that background weren’t sufficient he continued his travels around the world expending energy as scuba diver, skier, actor, mountain climber, a hand glider, a parachuter, and in every sense of the word an adventurer. Now he follows his obsession with reading thrillers by writing them.

Having read most of Tim’s novels it always comes a surprise that he doesn’t repeat himself. There are ‘recipe format suspense books’ – keep one central character everyone recognizes then populate the story with the expected clones of ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ people. That is where Tim steps aside like a matador and creates each novel with a fresh outlook and cast. And in producing this fine story Tim addresses that nebulous impact of technology on the way we live and think and function. Where will it lead?

For those throngs who have been following Tim’s books then be prepared for what is in this reader's opinion is his strongest stand-alone novel yet. Simply step into the opening page of THE PRICE OF TIME and note the power of his prose – ‘Pierce Dubois bunched his beefy fists, attempting to mask his irritation. He was unaccustomed to discourtesy. Certainly not from people whose paychecks depended on his support. Certainly not after being summoned a thousand mile son Christmas Eve. What couldn’t wait a few weeks until the quarterly meeting? Did the offending executives somehow sense what their angel investor had planned?...’ And with that ping the mystery and suspense begin, not to ease up until the brilliantly composed final surprise. New lead characters – Skylar Fawkes and Zachary Chase – and hopefully more episodes will follow.

Tim Tigner writes so well that one could quite easily become addicted. Smart, sophisticated and always with a surprise at the turn of every page, Tigner simply has it.

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