Monday, May 27, 2019

Book Review: 'Lion - Escape from Russia' by Douglas Misquita

Lion - Escape from Russia by Douglas Misquita

‘They crossed over into Syria’

Young author Douglas Misquita has published a fine assortment of books – books that, though fiction, are reality based in concept and this factor make them all the more exciting to read. To date his topics are thrillers – THE APOCALYPSE TRIGGER and THE IMMORTALITY TRIGGER are from his series called Luc Fortesque Adventure Thrillers, SECRET OF THE SCRIBE, HAUNTED, and now LION – ESCAPE FROM RUSSIA. 

In an informative Author’s Note, Douglas states, ‘Research led me to discover the insidious political ‘games’ – for lack of a more condescending word – being played in Syria. Everybody seems to be taking advantage of the uprising, at the expense of civilians. One look at the before/after pictures of war torn cities is enough evidence of the irrationality that mankind can be pushed to. Extrapolate it, and our species is like a ticking time bomb. Chemical weapons are being used in Syria. UN fact-finding teams are divided on the evidence and unable to conclude who is using these weapons. Meanwhile, sinister players are using chemicals to lure outside intervention or are developing and smuggling these weapons outside the Syrian theatre. The CIA is training rebels and arming ‘moderate terrorists’; there is an export of Islamists from the Caucasus; ex-Soviet state soldiers are training jihadis, with a view to reinforcing an ideology and building up an army, that will eventually support the vendetta with Russia. Russia has reason to clamp down on this, the US has reason to empower this…’ With this evidence of research on the author’s part, the novel becomes more vivid and terrifying. 

Douglas knows the art of scene painting as he opens his story with a Prologue set in 2015 state, ‘The insurgent lay naked on the cold stone floor of his prison cell. Iron shackles stretched the extremities of his pain-numbed limbs in a perpetual spread-eagle position. Leather straps, the ends of which were nailed to the floor, held his neck and head immobile…The beatings, however, had grown less frequent, an the sodomy rarer. Probable his persecutors ha realized their victim was nearing the end of his tether on life and wished to prolong his suffering…’

With that degree of vigor and reality, Douglas sculpts his tale of five men breaking out of a prison under the most dire circumstances, and follows this with their desperate survival under extreme circumstances. Weaving the background of the Syrian War with the political shenanigans and realities of the stances of both Syria and Russia, this story is compelling and addicting – a very fine thriller from an artist who knows his trade.

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