Thursday, May 23, 2019

Book Review: 'Dancing with The Field: Bringing Joy, Passion and Play into Everyday Life' by Kris Kelkar

Dancing with The Field by Kris Kelkar
‘Pay attention, be astonished, and tell about it’ – Mary Oliver

Indian born New York author Kris Kelkar experienced his first of many travels when he moved to the US, becoming a high tech entrepreneur with many inventions and patents to his credit, and built successful business based on communication skills, heart-brain coherence, the impact of relationships and thinking styles. His confrontation with health crises resulted in his marrying western medicine and complementary methods such as meditation, discovering the deep connection between mind, body and spirit. His learned techniques led to his current life as a life coach emphasizing the importance of relationships through his Third-Consciousness lessons. And this connection is the essence of this impressive book.

In his cogent introduction Kris shares his thoughts about early life threatening experiences – ‘I have since had many experiences where it felt like I was interacting with something bigger than myself – many have been magical, mystical and ecstatic. Some involve major life threatening health crises, others involve experiences of powerful manifestations that to this day I cannot explain any other way, and some are relatively minor experiences where I see evidence of the universe conspiring to give me exactly what I want. Examples include mystically manifesting significant business opportunities that changed an industry and my fledgling company, to the emergence of life-threatening diseases where I would have died had it not been for bizarre circumstances that led to surprising diagnoses, all the way to wanting a bottle of water at a workshop and a stranger coming and handing one to me without any sense of why, or days where every traffic light magically changes in my favor right as I get to an intersection. I now see these experiences as my dancing with what I now call The Field and signs of how much in its flow and resonance I am on a given day… Though my experiences have ranged from the profoundly impactful to what I would call whimsical synchronicities, each experience has in some way transformed (or continues to transform) me – to wake me up to this greater presence in my life.’

In this immensely accessible book Kris explains how he and his wife teach people to play the relating game so each person wins – relationships including romantic, parent-child, friendships and workplace collaborations. His thoughts are shared about the Field, influenced by both science and spirituality, that serves to connect us all in finding fullness and joy in this life. His manner of teaching is warmly compatible with the reader’s adaptation to his concepts and by the end of the book, there is a sense of enrichment and joy that provides a path to change, to play, and to emotionally and spiritually grow. Highly Recommended. 

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