Thursday, May 30, 2019

Book Review: 'The Book of Turns (The Peacetaker Series 7)' by Edita A. Petrick

The Book of Turns by Edita A. Petrick

A very finely wrought mystery

Canadian author Edita A Petrick earned her degree in engineering and worked as a hydraulic and water resources engineer. Now she concentrates on writing techno-thrillers, paranormal suspense and science fiction novels and has published twenty-four to date. She lives in Toronto.

As is Edita’s style, the opening pages of her book set a tone that assures the reader’s attention will be captured: “He smoothed the black clerical shirt down the man’s chest with two fingers, then rubbed them together. His fingertips remained dry. There was hardly any blood around the wound. The again, the kraton handle till sat atop the man’s chest. Its blade was buried deep; it was invisible and like most things one could not see coming – deadly. He’s used the double-edged combat knife because he needed a good grip. He only planned to thrust the blade once – straight to the heart. It would be left there too, though it was tempting to pull it out and see the blood seep out of the mortal wound. There wouldn’t be any fingerprints. He’d ‘laminated’ his hands before he got into his SUV to make the drive to northern Colorado. The insanely expensive compound lasted three days, even if he washed his hands…carefully. He looked down at the man, prone on the paper –strewn floor. He’d remained standing straight for several seconds when the blade pierced his heart. His eyes kept widening. Whether from shock or disbelief, it was hard to tell. When he finally fell, it was backward. His body landed on the floor ramrod straight. Was that a sign of something…?’

And so we meet the first mystery of this excellent story – ‘a parish priest is found murdered in a small community church in Colorado, a victim of a cleverly staged home invasion. The event, while disturbing, is not sensational enough to last in local newspapers longer than a day. A few hours later, further upstate on a shabby dude ranch that’s in financial trouble, a guest is found dead in his cabin. The ranch owners take everything the guest had that could be of value, before calling the sheriff. When the death is ruled to be natural causes, and no one steps forward to claim the body, the case all but fades into obscurity. Two years later, the FBI is frantically searching for Carter and Stella, because the bizarre and tabloid-worthy events that had been happening these past two years, have reached a boiling point.’

Edita is a significant voice in today’s literary scene, likely one of the finest suspense/thriller/paranormal writers to be encountered. Well-defined interesting characters populate this engrossing novel and the significance of the opening excerpt continues to unfold through to book’s end. Highly Recommended. 

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