Thursday, April 25, 2019

Book Review: 'Tourmaline' by Ginger Tran

Tourmaline by Ginger Tran
‘sometimes i remember me facing upward – resigned – engrossed in white walls’

Poet Ginger Tran makes her publishing debut with this extensive collection of poems that are not only beautifully written but also contain shared thoughts about resilience in the face of all manner of challenges.

The poems are rather brief and in that presentation they are even more pungent because of their condensation of emotional input. 

natural progression

there is always the nothingness
that first comes, first serves.
then the everythingness that blossoms
like microscopic fireworks
if you lean in real closely
to the very tips of things –
like bushes and trees, and the entire
tunneling of known space and time.

self- psychology

keep reminding yourself
that it is unburdening
of your damaged psyche

that now needs to find 
it’s own way
of perceiving reality

through many re-visitations
and uncomfortable letting gos;

it’s what you must know 
when this journey
starts to take its toll.


a silent explosion,
in the night sky.
death of a star.
the exponential pink and blue
and green emersion
tightening your own existence,
or shining from
the evaporation of it.
you fall into yourself
out of view –
a rabbit hole, a wormhole.
a whole eternity
triggered in 
a millisecond. 

Succinct, sensitive, creative and rich in philosophical seeds for continued thoughts, Ginger Tran is a unique and fresh voice in poetry. The gift is there, and now it is shared.

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