Monday, April 22, 2019

Book Review: 'Tegen Punishment (Tegens Book 3)' by Inge-Lise Goss

Tegen Punishment by Inge-Lise Goss

“Look…look…bodies…dead people.”

Nevada author Inge-Lise Goss was born in Denmark, raised in Utah and graduated from the University of Utah, magna cum laude. She and her husband live in the majesty of Red Rock Canyon and after a career as a certified public accountant. Now she drinks in the scenery and turns it into her novels.

Described by Inge-Lise as a paranormal web of romance, mystery and horror we can be sure at the outset of this series that Inge-Lise’s gift for weaving mystery thrillers that dip into fantasy/sci-fi will be another winner for her – just she displayed in CISCO BANDITS and THE COST OF CRUDE. Now in this series TEGENS of which this is Book 3 (THE TEGEN CAVE is Book 1, TEGEN JUSTICE is Book2) her manner of developing her plots and her characters is sure, polished, and yet with enough co-existing suspense to hold our attention to the last page. 

Her synopsis underlines this direction: ‘Who Will Be The Spider’s Next Victim? For over two years a treacherous Tegen has evaded capture by enforcers, executing anyone who crosses his path. Recruited to assist a Tegen enforcer, Sara Jones is on a desperate hunt to stop the renegade who has no regard for human, or spider, life. To penetrate the religious compound he uses as his hideout, she must conceal her true identity. But finding the elusive Tegen is more difficult than she may have imagined, and the compound is far more dangerous than anyone could have known. A Dangerous Criminal Ally With His Own Agenda When a notorious crime boss shows up in town, Sara enlists his help, but he has his own agenda, one that may advance his criminal enterprise. As mayhem erupts, she must outwit unsavory zealots and find the killer before her cover is blown. The clock is ticking. Can she bring the fugitive to justice before it’s too late?

The book opens with a fine definition of Tegen: ‘A Tegen is a mutant hybrid species with combined human and spider DNA. Immortal, Tegens possess unique skills: radar-like night vision, retractable climbing claws, venom-ejecting deadly poison needles, capacity to spin spider-silk, and an innate self-healing mechanism. All Tegen offspring are born to human mothers. Those with the right DNA face a choice upon reaching their twenty-fifth birthday – transform to a full-fledged Tegen in The Tegan Cave or die. Tegens stop aging after the transformation process. To remain in a human-like form, Tegens must consume venotrolia, human blood tainted by Tegan mutant spiders, and periodically devour tainted human flesh. A Tegen’s only enemy is fire. The scratch from a Tegen’s needles or a bite form on of their spiders results in paralysis and death to any human. No antidote exists.

For those fortunate enough to have read her other books the suspense ahead may not surprise, but for those for whom this is the first outing with Inge-Lise Goss beware. You are in for a terrifying adventure with more twists and turns than you can imagine, Highly Recommended. 

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