Thursday, April 11, 2019

Book Review: 'Passsive Income Will Change Your Life: How to Work Less and Make More Money (Work from Home Series Book 9)' by Sam Kerns

Passsive Income Will Change Your Life by Sam Kerns

‘Make the commitment to take the first step toward a better life today.’

Sam Kerns is a handsome serial entrepreneur who has spent the past 20 years writing about small business issues, opportunities: he loves teaching people how to work for themselves and pursue their own dreams. He proved this in his first publication HOW TO WORK FROM HOME, followed by HOW TO START A HOME-BASED FOOD BUSINESS, HOW TO BUILD A WRITING EMPIRE IN 30 DAYS OR LESS, HOW TO BRAND YOUR HOME-DASED BUSINESS, HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK ON AMAZON, THE WEEKEND WRITER – HOW TO WRITE A QUALITY NON-FICITON BOOK IN TWO MONTHS EVEN IF YOU HAVE A FULL-TIME JOB, HOW TO RELAUNCH YOUR BOOK, THE 30 DAY SMALL BUSINESS STARTUP PLAN and now PASSIVE INCOME WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Book 9 in his The Work from Home Series) making this ongoing series an indispensable part of every ‘stay at home business builder.’ Sam is successful in communicating his experience and ideas.

Now, the notable fact is that Sam’s books all sell very well, so if anyone can offer information and guidance on how to succeed in the field of self help books, Sam’s the man. In his Introduction he reassure us, ‘Common wisdom says there are two paths people can take in their financial lives. First, you can work for someone else and help build their portfolio, savings account, and dreams by being a good and loyal employee. But studies have shown that it’s almost impossible to build wealth while working for someone else. Your other traditional choice is to start your own business…But if you’ve read any of my books about starting our own business, you know it’s not an easy task…But there is a third way to build wealth that isn’t talked about as much: passive income...Every single dollar you make from passive income requires some work, even if it’s just five minutes to set it up…’

Sam lays it out in his choice of chapter divisions – Why wealthy people don’t work for their money, The myths and misconceptions about passive income, Passive income scams and how to avoid them, How to build a wealth-building mindset, What will it take to get the lifestyle of your dreams?, My favorite way to earn passive income, Leverage your belongings for passive income, Write your own way to passive income, Become a Bank and earn passive income, The set it and forget it passive income, Earn passive income for the future, and Blog your way to passive income. And included here are ten passive income streams that really work.

Just check Sam’s track record and you’ll feel secure following his suggestions/instructions/encouragement. Another winner for Sam Kerns...and us! 

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