Friday, April 19, 2019

Book Review: 'Daddy's Curse: A Sex Trafficking True Story of a 8-Year Old Girl' by Luke G. Dahl

Daddy's Curse by Luke. G. Dahl

An incredible yet true story

Author Luke Dahl earned his degree in Business/Travel and Tourism from the University in Brisbane, Australia and now has returned to his home in Sweden where he is a Strategy and Corporate accountant for SpaceVR. He has published five books including his triptych True Stories of Child Slavery Survivors, of which this is the initial volume. 

By relating this true story in the words of the victim the impact of the book is even stronger. The story opens with a recreation of the events that the 8 year old Mongolian girl Yuna endured – being kidnapped by an organized crime gang, abused and used as a sex slave in one of the most harrowing stories of sex trafficking. The author, using Yuna’s voice, recreates the history from the moment of the kidnapping through the emotional responses of Yuna and the horrific events and forced labor in both sex trafficking and drug trafficking, relating the terror and fear and abuse in a most realistic manner. 

Of note, the most memorable aspect of this true story, after the cruelty and agony have been explored, is the mindset of Yuna – struggling for escape until ultimately surviving after being used in Mongolia and Thailand - and it is this aspect of Dahl’s book that remains imprinted on the reader. Sex Trafficking persists and perhaps this book will alert the public and officials of that harsh reality and pledge to end this heinous crime. Recommended reading for all. 

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