Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Book Review: 'The Cosma Hypothesis: Implications of the Overview Effect' by Frank White

The Cosma Hypothesis by Frank White

“Why are we here?” – the bridge is consciousness

Author Frank White graduated from Harvard and from Oxford University with highest honors and has become a leading thinker and advocate on the topic of space exploration and its impact on human thought and society. He has also co-founded the Overview Institute and Earth Rider project – both created to communicate the nature and psychosocial impact of the space experience to the space community and the general public. 

Attempts to describe the impact of reading this important book can never equal the mind opening experience of reading the philosophy and theories presented: the volume is both challenging and deeply moving in the manner in which the author places his thoughts before us. In a Foreword by Dylan Taylor the book’s role is well stated: ‘In THE COSMA HYPOTHESIS, Frank extends and expands his thought leadership on human consciousness, on the nature of the overview systems (and how they may scale), and on the fundamental questions for our species and for Cosma. From there, he goes on to give a robust description of his thoughts on the “Human Space Program,’ a comprehensive and holistic roadmap for exploring and settling the solar system based on the Cosma Hypothesis. The program describes how humanity can both prepare for going to the stars but also how that expansion can benefit the universe as well as humanity, taking place with a maximum chance for success and impact.’

The ‘Cosma’ is defined as “the universe is a living information system, composed of interconnected information systems serving as subsystems of the whole." At each level, there is an order and organization pattern that is different and yet common to all these ‘infosystems’ “

What follows is an exploration of this hypothesis in a manner that includes interviews with astronauts whose responses to being in space, looking back at our planet, are quietly but deeply meaningful. This is a book that challenges us to reevaluate just about everything – and in doing so enter the realm of infinite possibilities. This is a must read book! 

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