Friday, April 12, 2019

Book Review: 'Catch Me When I'm Falling (A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery)' by Cheryl A. Head

Catch Me When I'm Falling by Cheryl A. Head

A superlative mystery thriller on many levels! 

Washington DC author Cheryl A. Head has stated that her career as a writer, television producer, filmmaker, broadcast executive, and media funder ‘has taken me to every continent except Antarctica and Australia. I'm an ardent observer and listener, always trying to connect the dots, and now is the time to marry my experiences with the craft of writing, and the art of storytelling. Much of what I write focuses on the themes of diversity (in its broadest sense), acculturation and tolerance. Sometimes with a bit of danger and always with a lot of humor, food and music. I've written (the highly awarded) ‘Long Way Home: A World War II Novel’, short stories about families and other relationships and I've completed the first installment of a detective series called The Charlie Mack Mysteries – ‘Bury Me When I’m Dead’ - which brings lesbian private investigator, Charlene Mack to life as she grapples with her sexuality, solves a missing-person case, and cares for her mother with early onset Alzheimer's.’ Now following the success of her first two Charlie Mack novels, Cheryl brings us the further adventures of Charlie Mack in CATCH ME WHEN I’M FALLING. Originally from Detroit, Cheryl has an affinity for the flavor and history of Motown and she uses that very well in this third installment of her series. She writes with great skill and has that ability to relate quality mystery with hefty dollops of humor that make the book ring to the last words.

‘Someone is murdering the homeless in Detroit’s Cass Corridor—by immolation. These horrific crimes wouldn’t require an investigation by Charlie Mack and her crack team investigators, except one of the burned bodies is identified as her mother’s friend. There’s a lot wrong with this case: the police won’t admit a serial killer is on the loose, drug trafficking intersects with the deaths, and a rogue cop is involved. The timing also couldn’t be worse—Charlie and Mandy are finally moving in together. This case becomes the most difficult of Charlie's career when she transforms herself into a street person, and mixes with the corridor’s gangs, do-gooders, and the down-and-out to uncover evidence the police can’t continue to ignore.’

That is the plot outline, but the pleasure of Cheryl’s book is immersing yourself in the fever-pitch drama she writes with such finesse. For this reader this Book 3 of this series is the finest:: though all of the books are excellent, this one shoots like a rocket - it is exhilarating. Highly Recommended. 

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