Friday, April 5, 2019

Book Review: 'Brainwalker' by Robyn Mundell and Stephan Lacast

Brainwalker by Robyn Mundell

An exciting wild ride!

Co-author Robyn Mundell graduated NYU and has become an award winning playwright selling original screenplays and TV pilots to major film companies and networks. Co-author Stephan Lacast graduated Paris-Dauphine University with degrees in Economics, Business Administration, and Advanced Studies in Information Systems. Together they combine stagecraft and science and the result is one of the more exciting science fiction novels for young adults of the past few years. 

The magic of this fine novel is not only the concept of the story – transportation to another space through the science of a particle accelerator and all the fascinating permutations of that idea: it is the sensitivity of exploring the apparent disparities between a free-minded son and a hyper-rational father, a study in origins and resolutions that is as terrific a study of family aka inherited relationships as it is a sci-fi theme. Written in an accessible narrative style, the story unfolds well, its substrate being the well-defined characters with whom we can become involved and enjoy the adventures and the changes they make. The keen idea of making Bernard as a teenager explore the brain of his father ‘from the inside’ is a brilliant twist to understanding neuroscience and the miracle of identity.

This is one exceptional piece of work and it pleads to be followed by more works by the same talented team of writers. Highly Recommended. 

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