Friday, March 1, 2019

Book Review: 'SELF-CONFIDENCE 101' by Raphael Dume

SELF-CONFIDENCE 101 by Raphael Dume
‘Self-esteem is a flower that only blooms when you water it’

New Jersey author Raphael Dume is a researcher, entrepreneur and investor who has helped many people to improve self-esteem, resilience, happiness, optimism to not only reduce incipient depression, anxiety and anger but to enhance feelings of self-worth and happiness, 

In his Introductory comments he opens by defining self-esteem: ‘Self-esteem is a confidence on has in his own abilities and worthiness…Self-esteem fits right in to the fourth layer on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a famous psychological too indicating what people need the most. The most basic needs, food, shelter, and water sit at the bottom; and nest comes esteem. The only thing greater than self-esteem is the attainment of self a-actualization, when on uses his abilities o their full capacity and lives up to his full potential. Maslow’s high rating of self-esteem shows that it is quite important for people to develop in order to have good lives. A person who has met all five needs in the Maslow pyramid is thought to be a very happy person indeed.’

Raphael relates his ideas in a near conversational manner, a factor that makes reading (and benefiting from) his book a pleasure rather than an assignment. He offers sections on how to raise self-esteem, the importance of self-image, emotional intelligence (self-discipline, cognitive dissonance), worthy goals, the importance of role models, characteristics of successful people, and how to implement these into our lives. His guidance is practical and applicable and his manner of sharing accessible. ‘Abandon your insecurities, forgive yourself, create a better lifestyle and start to align your values with you way of life.’

Solid guidance from man committed to making the world a better place – starting with self. Very helpful guide and one that is applicable to us all. 

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