Monday, March 18, 2019

Book Review: 'The Red Collusion' by David Yaron

The Red Collusion by David Yaron
‘The world’s two superpowers are on the brink of war.’

Author David Yaron is an intelligence Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret) in the Israeli Air Force, and is now a commentator and publicist on military and security issues on various newspapers and websites. His novels to date have been prescient as predictions of world military affairs in the Middle East. Now he turns to another credible threat and makes his case completely solid while being a fascinating and thrilling read. 

David makes his postulate clear n writing this book: ‘During the last decade of the Cold War, which ended in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, I was accompanied by a more professional and experienced eye, since I was then an IAF intelligence officer. In recent years, President Putin has made it his business to remind all of us that the Cold War may very well return.’ 
When a writer of the expertise of David Yaron creates a novel about the possibility of our approaching WW III the story becomes even more ominous than simply a possibility, and that is one of the many reasons this novel works so well. Add to that the gift of creating credible characters to enhance not only the rising tension of the plot but also reference to factual data and the book becomes a story worthy of translation into a screenplay. 

Opening the story in1989 in the Russian cemetery wherein are buried Russia’s military heroes and cultural icons - Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev – and Vladimir Petrovich Yermolov, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. ’Unlike Joseph Stalin, Yermolov had been loved, not feared.’

And the story progresses from there – ‘It’s 1981, and the Cold War is at its peak. The leader of the Soviet Union, General Secretary Yermolov, instructs Defense Minister Marshal Budarenko to go on a limited military operation that will put an end to the civilian uprising in some of the Warsaw Pact states. But Marshal Budarenko has other plans. The Marshal, a WWII hero and red-army legend, is a tough, militant man. He begins conspiring behind the USSR leader’s back, forming an intricate scheme that will allow him to move mass armed forces towards West Germany, and beyond. In the face of this emerging threat, the US and NATO allies declare the highest alert level and are left with no choice but to start deploying their nuclear warheads. WWIII seems inevitable.’

The quality of the writing further solidifies the enviable stature of author David Yaron, This is one mesmerizing and thrilling novel, worthy of the attention of all readers – and award judges! 

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