Saturday, March 2, 2019

Book Review: 'Do Good To Lead Well: The Science And Practice Of Positive Leadership' by Craig Dowden

Do Good To Lead Well by Craig Dowden PhD

‘Despite our best intentions, good leadership is surprisingly rare.’

Canadian author Craig Dowden earned his PhD in psychology with a concentration in business – fine background for becoming a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and guides leaders and executives from a wide spectrum to tackle the challenges of becoming positive leaders. Craig writes columns for Financial Post, Huffington Post and Forbes and is highly regarded among the cognoscenti of the corporate business world. He is president of Craig Dowden & Associates, a firm focused on supporting clients in achieving leadership and organizational excellence by leveraging the science of peak performance.

In his wise Introduction Craig states that in his training, ‘I was exposed to industrial-organizational psychology, which immediately resonated with me. Although people have personalities that are fascinating and diverse, organizations also have personalities (i.e., cultures) that are just as complex. I felt that if I combined the two, I would never be bored – there would always be some intriguing aspect of that interplay to dig into. Fortunately, my hypothesis turned out to be right…I built an evidence-based busies case for why doing the right thing is not just the right thing to do; it is the right thing to do for your organization…True coaching is not about being told what to do – it is about discovering the process that works best for that specific leader or organization, integrating the latest research in leadership, team, and organizational excellence into our coaching conversations so we can co-create a set of possible strategies based on relevant evidence.’

In this erudite but casual manner of writing Craig offers his six pillars of positive leadership – Self-awareness, Civility, Humility, Focus on the positive, Meaning and purpose, and Empathy – and in delving into each concept the road to positive leadership becomes a highway to success. 

Presented as a science-based concept Craig’s manner of communication is that of a respected and dedicated counsel – and that makes his book invaluable for all business leaders.

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