Friday, March 8, 2019

Book Review: 'Be Beautiful: A Unique Approach to Well-being & Weight Loss' by Elena R.R.

Be Beautiful by Elena R.R.

‘For those seeking a better relationship with themselves and food!’

Author Elena Roxy Rose is a professional recording artist and musician and offers her own life crises in relating this short but well presented discussion about weight control and healthy eating and thinking. Struggling with excessive body fat and being told she was too fat for her professional career as a performer, she survived a critical car crash, only to fall into binge-eating, gaining more weight, suffering more personal tragedies until she found hope in a residential treatment center in Canada. The lesson - that disordered and unhealthy ways of thinking was the source of disordered and unhealthy ways of eating. Offering proof in before and after photographs of herself, Elena opens the door to her brief but substantial book on the mental aspects of weight control.

Dividing her book into four sections – Foundations, Groundwork, Take-off, and Flying Free - Elena provides counseling advice in a most accessible manner. Opening her book with some hard facts she states, ‘The 21st century we all live in is wrapped with an insanity, a madness that misleads us to believe that our worthiness lies within our looks. Whilst we carry this false belief within us, this belief that is so empty of truth, we also knowingly carry the emptiness it holds inside. Alas, a confused hunger for food ends up as a desperate hunger to be thin. Ultimately you’re hungry for some self-love… although you may feel with every ounce of your being that what you want is to be thin, what you really want is happiness.’

It is this alternative view of weight control that permeates every page of this little book. Elena discusses the current ‘fad diets’ craze, the concept of public acceptance, and the essential aspect of self-evaluation to find the core of self-esteem – the true impetus for controlling weight. ‘Let go of worries, let go of the diets, let go of the deprivation and breathe’ – this is the communicative and self reflective style in which Elena presents her fine approach.

Moments of communication such as ‘Life is beautiful. You are a unique and perfect expression of life. You are beautiful. You ARE beauty. Feel it, connect with it’ are on every page. Facts about foods, glycemic index, probiotics, irritable Bowel Syndrome, exercise, fasting, and other aspects enhance the credibility of her presentation, but the significant addition to the literature on weight control is Elena’s positive thinking approach to life – and food!

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