Sunday, February 10, 2019

Poem of the Day: 'to Louis Armand' by Rus Khomutoff

to Louis Armand 

They'll return to the place where they were spawned-
baptism of fire, of bodies performing the law,
this curious ordinary crescendo extreme
faded beauteous last installment nothing can capture
talking code star chalice
I am your worst fear, I am your best fantasy
here & elsewhere
desolation honor respite, draconian New York
dark father live intercity pellarin
the machine of Eden glaze of cathexis circus of fear
stop making sense immortality inc.
symbolic weight of this axis of meaning
two mirrors in infinite regress
born at the end of a missive caprice

Rus Khomutoff is an experimental language poet in Brooklyn,NY. His poetry has appeared in Proprose Magazine, EgophobiaPoetheadRasputin and Hypnopomp. This year, he published his debut, Immaculate Days (Alien Buddha Press). He is on Twitter @rusdaboss.

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