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Commentary: 'Getting Revenge on Your Psycho Ex' by Aaron Clarey

Allow me to tell you these stories three:

Story 1 - A good friend of mine foolishly married a woman with bipolar disorder.  He further foolishly bred a son with her, and as we all know when you marry somebody with bipolar disorder there is only one outcome - divorce.  Sure enough after she filed the papers, my buddy endured about 16 years of court visits, re-evaluating income, excuses that her disability prevented her from earning a living, tug of wars over visitation rights, her new found religions of "feminism" and "Wicca," and a whole potpourri of other BS, all of which took a toll on my buddy, but a much higher toll on his kid.

Story 2 - Another good friend of mine married a man with (you guessed it) BIPOLAR disorder.  Again, she managed to have a daughter with him making an already bad situation, impossibly worse.  And of course after the inevitable divorce the same battles ensued over custody, school attendance, "disability" preventing her ex from making enough money to support the kid, etc. etc. etc.  My buddy paid an inordinate (and preventable) financial and mental price but, again, not as much as the kid.

Story 3 - Yet another good friend of mine married a woman with (do you see a trend???) bipolar disorder.  But not only bipolar disorder, but depression, social anxiety disorder, and some fourth mental illness that escapes me now.  She, like many psycho ex wives, got infected with a fifth mental disorder all ex wives get - feminism.  But despite her claims of being oppressed, being too mentally disabled to work, and not having enough money, she oddly enough bought a new car and always has new clothes.  Like many feminists today she has an advanced degree (one that would actually land her a job), but curiously can't find work, requiring my buddy to pay more in alimony...oh and child support for a young boy they had together (of which, she is no doubt doing a "fantastic" job filling that poor 5 year old boy's head with feminist insanity).

All three of my friends are sane.  All three of my friends work and support society.  All three of my friends are intelligent, interesting people.  All three of them love their children. And all three of them (rightly) complain about their psycho exes because of the sheer hell they've wreaked upon my friends and their children.  These are good people who do not deserve the hell they unintentional wreaked upon themselves.  But deserved or not, this hell is here and it is not ending anytime soon.

Depending on the age of their children my buddies are facing a life of quasi-hell for the next 5-14 years.  Their children will inevitably become adults and the child support, alimony, and simply having to deal with their exes will come to an end.  But in the meantime they are going to have to pay a hefty price in terms of money, time, mental pain, and worst - watching their children suffer under their ex.  The horror stories I've been told not only make you feel for the true victims of these psycho exes, but they are blood boiling because it's painfully obvious these psychos are manipulating the system just as much as they are their own children.

They claim they have mental disorders when they don't.
They fake getting injured at work to file a workman's comp claim. 
In general it is their policy to claim they can't work and do everything to avoid it.
They play petty and unlimited mind games that I'm sure many of you divorced people are aware of.
They all join some religion or cult like feminism.
And hands down the worst thing they do is drag their children through this world of hell simply because they view the child as an asset, a pawn, a tool to get more money and resources for themselves with absolutely NO intention of spending it on the kid.

These are without a doubt some of the most evil, despicable people, and the only thing that makes them worse and they obviously don't care.  They are perfectly happy being parasitic, evil, child abusers.

This results in my friends (rightly) becoming angered and enraged.  Not only are they (and the tax payers) getting screwed financially, but the pure arrogance of these psycho exes to play the victim card and flaunt it in the court system to their financial advantage is nauseating.  And if you think that makes them angry, that's nothing when they see these psycho exes doing nothing short of abusing using their children without a care in the world.  I simply don't know how my friends don't grab a baseball bat and make their psycho exes impaired as they claim to be, because I know that's what I would be doing.

So when my buddies call me and we talk about their kids, their ex and the problems they're facing, I have a lot of empathy for them.  I can't even imagine what it's like to be in their situation.  So when we talk, I like to do what I can to make them feel better.  And while I can't solve their problems (without going to jail), nor can I solve the problems of the millions of you who have psycho ex's, there is an important reality most people are unaware of that at minimum will give you hope, if not bring about that full measure of revenge and justice you want on your psycho exes for everything they've done to you and your children.  You just need to open your eyes to see it.

The Life of a Parasite

There is no doubt in my mind (or yours) that these people know full well what they're doing.  I never met one person who claimed to have "bi polar disorder" that wouldn't be cured of it with a good beating.  The increasingly upward number of made up "social mental disorders" that people use to claim disability is a naked grab for tax payer and ex-spouse money for those who don't have wool over their eyes.  It shocks me how the court system can't see these people for the parasites they are as they cowardly hide behind "disabilities" and faux mental disorders, as they CONSCIOUSLY and CONNIVINGLY do everything they can to avoid work and live off of other people.

But while you think you (and the taxpayer) might be getting screwed (and you are) let me ask you a question about your parasitic ex.

How are they doing financially?

I know you have your own personal financial challenges, but out of my three friends mentioned above, they are ironically all in FAAAAR better financial shape than their parasitic exes despite the exes getting government, employer and ex spouse subsidies.

The Wiccan feminist priestess lives in government housing, drives a car that's on par with mine, is on EBT, and needs constant handouts from her nearly dead parents.

Her ex husband is now married to a doctor and they're sitting on a posh little house in the suburbs of St. Louis. 

The bipolar ex husband of my buddy is effectively a NEET at the age of 44, laden with debt for a doctorate in criminal justice that he can't use in the field because he's too fat to join the police force.

My buddy just married a colonel in the military with a house bought and paid for in Phoenix.  They golf a lot.

And the other ex-turned-feminist-wife of my buddy is on the CONSTANT hunt for disability checks, psychologists to sign off on new mental disorders, has $75,000 in student loans, and just recently made a workman's comp claim for a WHITE COLLAR OFFICE JOB INJURY.  Yet she's still shy $500 a month to make ends meet because of the new car she bought.

This buddy is doing just fine making bank in banking, has a HOT little girly girl as a GF, and enjoys hiking in the Cascades.

Yes, your exes may be living off of you, the taxpayer, their parents, and their employer, but you MUST understand the economic nature of a parasite.

They're parasitic.

Meaning they don't generate their own wealth, which by definition limits their standards of living to what charity will give them.  And though it may goad your girders that they are getting a free ride off of you and the other producers in society, parasites ALWAYS outspend whatever charity is given to them.  This is why welfare recipients have 8 kids, buy designer clothes, Dodge diesels, yet still live in the ghetto or trailer park.  They WANT the rich lifestyle, but are too lazy to work for it.  So whatever money you give them, they WILL piss it away.  You just have to look at the never ending list of NBA and NFL players that manage to go bankrupt despite being paid millions.  Parasites will ALWAYS outspend their resources as that is the NATURE of being a parasite.  In other words your ex will forever be perpetually poor and be staring poverty in the face.

That's a face I don't ever want to look at again, let alone on a daily basis.

The Life of Faking a Mental Illness

To be blunt, white people got real quick to the scheme of taking a trait you were born with and using it to scam benefits out of society.  Be it your race, creed, color, or gender, now EVERYBODY is an equal opportunity player when it comes to claiming some kind of disadvantage or victim status which thus confers upon you (by the naivety of the American taxpayer) a whole host of government benies and goodies.  And whether you're white or black, Muslim or Christian, male or female, it doesn't matter.  Now EVERYBODY can claim some BS made up fake mental illness because, unlike race or gender, it simply can't be proved or disproved.

Thus it is NOT coincidence EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY STORIES ABOVE the psycho ex claimed "bi polar" as a disease.  It's NOT a coincidence your ex had some kind of "mental disease" she excused her inexcusable behavior behind.  It is not a coincidence that every veritable bitch I dated had "bi-polar disorder."  And it's not a coincidence that your psycho ex BF was "bipolar."  "Bi polar" is noting more than the lazy Americans' excuse to use, abuse, and live off of people because they conveniently get to blame it on a disorder and not themselves.  Now, certainly there are people with genuine mental illness.  I know one (ONE mind you) person who DOES actually have bipolar disorder.  But since your ex is a psycho and a parasite, it's just way too easy and way too tempting to grab a mental illness and use it as an excuse to continue living off of other people without guilt or remorse.

But there's a cost to faking a mental illness.  You have to keep the act up.

I no longer care to listen to people's words as it is only their actions I care about.  And if you look at your ex's actions, is obvious they DAMN WELL CONSCIOUSLY KNOW what they're doing.

Oh, they may play dumb.
Oh, they may act like they didn't know.
But they know.  Trust me.  They know.

So what position does that put them in?

If you think about it, it puts them in a life of hell.

Can you imagine the hell it must be to CONSTANTLY act like you're mentally disabled?  Can you imagine the effort and psychological resources it takes to CONSTANTLY be on the stage?  Can you image all the time lost applying for aid and being interviewed with social workers to see if you are genuinely disabled, not to mention file lawsuits against your employers?  I don't know about you, but I love me. OH, do I LOVE ME!  I love waking up and getting my coffee.  I love going online and yelling obscenities at my clients.  I love going to cocktail parties and telling precious little 30 something soccer moms their degrees are completely worthless and I only care about their husband's profession.  I love walking into a bar, getting drunk, hitting on another man's woman, and not feeling shame the next day.

It may not be good.
It may not be honorable.
And I may not be popular. 
But damnit if I don't don't go to bed as me, wake up as me, and live as me.

There is no acting involved.

Now imagine if you were born into this world with your own consciousness, sentience, dreams, desires, and goals...

and that's all thrown away because you're too damn lazy to get a job and need to fake being mentally ill to get you dem der gubmint checks, SSI disability, and alimony.

You threw away your life, your dreams, your goals, your passions...not to mention your own damn children...all so you didn't have to toil or work.

Trust me, I'm an economist.  The amount of work that goes into faking mental illness and CONSTANTLY playing the victim all so you don't have to work requires WAY MORE labor than if you just went to school to become a CPA and decided to help people instead of live off of them.   

Alienating Yourself from the Best Things in Life

Speaking of helping people, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, people are the most important thing in this world.  Certainly not all of them, absolutely not the most, but what few quality people we decide to have around us means more than all the Ferrari's, personal jets, and yachts the foolish rich people chase after combined.

I watch my buddies with their children and they have the love, attention, and respect of their kids...unlike their psycho ex's.

I watch my buddies with their kids and the kids LOVE my buddies...they LOATHE the psycho exes. 

I could go on, but it's painfully obvious these kids don't love the psycho parent and love the sane one.  And that is the most important victory over your ex if you are looking for one.  Your child loves you.  I would like to say "more than your ex" but your child doesn't even LOVE your ex.  They will grow to hate them (trust me).  And this revisits the axiom that "the only thing that matters in life is other humans."

Much as your psycho ex is attempting to alienate, turn against, and make your child hate you, in the end your honesty and TRUE LOVE for your child will win in the end.  Kids ARE able to discern between good and evil.  Your wife may be trying to indoctrinate your daughter into feminism, your ex husband may be trying to vilify you in the eyes of your son, but in simply being honest and loving with your child and NOT using them as a pawn is what wins them in the end.

So in the end, and following the axiom before, where does that leave your ex?

Your ex will be alone.

Truly alone.

Not only will his/her past behavior alienate their own children from them, but anybody who has the slightest bit of morality or caliber to them.  This is why many psycho exes end up embittered, ideologues worshiping at some false altar of a god of "feminism" or "MGTOW" or some other such BS.  NOBODY of any worth will want to hang out with them.  Worse, their own children will disown them, painfully reminding them that they are legal adults and they no longer answer to your psycho ex.


I cannot emphasize that enough just how lonely and pathetic your ex is GUARNATEED to become.  Their selfish, insane, and parasitic life long behavior DOES have a price. And it is that ANY quality humans will have nothing to do with them.  They will be alone, not just from their own children, but from any quality humans on the planet.

So for in the here and today and now, yes you may be paying a price.  And yes, your ex may seemingly be getting the better of you.  But this is merely Dunkirk.  The long term war, which should be your primary concern, will be won in the future.  Your child will talk to you and hug you when he/she is 30.  She won't even talk to her ex.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Mental Illness

Poverty stricken, faking a mental illness, constantly validating yourself to social workers, and completely alone, where does your ex end up?  Even though he/she received potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in other people's money, they are likely alone, ostracized from society, nobody of any worth wanting anything to do with them, and their own children emancipating themselves from them.  They have also likely deluded their own selves into believing they are victims of an "oppressive society" and are starting to believe they are actually the victims of their own crimes.

There's only one way to describe this folks. Insanity.

Which is preciously ironic because it is my sincere belief that those who fake being mentally ill for so long are condemned to actually become mentally ill themselves. And painful and horrible as your own personal hell is right now, I can't imagine a worse hell than these vile evil people have condemned themselves to. 

Yes, you may have to fork over half your income in taxes, alimony, and child support.
Yes, your ex may be doing their best to warp your child's mind against you.
And yes, he/she may be gunning after you for more child support.

But can you imagine the DAY TO DAY LIFE of your ex???

He/she has for so long, for DECADES put up this facade of helplessness and psychopathy that it is now an integral part of their lives.  They HAVE TO act like they're mentally retarded from here on FOREVER.  They HAVE TO act like they're mentally insane.  They now never have the chance to be free, to pursue their own lives, to live their lives like they wanted, and instead have chained themselves to their purported inferior selves, all so they could collect a check....and thus condemn themselves to a prison like life.

But the worst part is they will forever be alone because nobody, including their children, lack the self-respect to even bother with them.  They will have cats.  They will have group therapy sessions.  They will have their "Masters Degrees in Public Administration."  They will have their careers and their booze and their internet forums to commiserate with and that's it.  That is their life. That is their legacy.

I cannot make amends for the price you've paid both financially and mentally to your exes.  All I can point out is that in the long run you will win.  Your children will love you, spend time with you, and want to join you for Christmas dinner.  You will enjoy a life above the poverty level because you choose to be a productive member of society and not a parasite. You will never have to worry about the heat being turned off or your internet being canceled.  And you will have the simple (yet INVALUABLE) blessing of being sane.  That same cannot be said of your psycho ex.

So the vengeance upon your ex is very simple:


Yes, it may be a long and tortured decade and change to deal with them until your child is legally allowed to separate themselves from them, but it simply doesn't compare to the remainder of life which is all that matters. Your remainder will be one of a child who loves you, hangs out with you, and introduces you to grandchildren.

Theirs is one of ostracization, loneliness, hatred, and GENUINE mental illness.

Do not feel sorry for them. They deserve it.  They chose that life.
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Editor's note: This article was originally published at Captain Capitalism and has been rerun with permission.

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