Thursday, January 31, 2019

Book Review: 'Hatchet: An Action Espionage Thriller' by Israel Levy

Hatchet An Action Espionage Thriller by Israel Levy

Inside Mossad

Israeli author Israel Levy earned his degree from Technion University in Haifa, Israel, and served as a commander in a secret unit in the IDF and as a security officer for El-Al Airlines. His talents are many – a black belt in Karate, an expert in marketing and branding, a creative director, and author and poet having written two volumes of poetry and a collection of short stories, one Zen insights illustrated book and a novel. Israel’s debut novel is this HATCHET – and if story this hints at his ability to mesmerize readers, there will be many more to follow!

Preparing the reader for his story Israel writes, ‘Israel's reality and the fight against terrorism is full of extraordinary stories about secret warriors, Mossad agents and special units who take their experiences to the grave without exposing them to anyone. Sometimes it is one of these events that actually takes their life. This book attempts to honor these secret warriors. The names and details are fiction but are based on real events and real people, allowing the reader entrance into an ongoing, sometimes secret war, in which terror is being fought moment by moment.’

A touch of reality makes the substance of this novel even more intense. The characters are credible (patterned after real people) and give insight into the minds of people drawn into the realm of espionage. As the well-scribed synopsis states, ‘It is up to Naomi to destroy the terror cell located in Libya. She is a young, yuppy lawyer, living an organized life in Tel-Aviv until she finds herself thrust into an international espionage mission for the Israeli Mossad, and her life evolves into one of highly secretive activities with the Israeli intelligence. Naomi’s role in the Mossad takes her on a worldwide mission to stop the operations of terrorist cells around the world. She is assigned to find a way to stop and eliminate a massive Palestinian terror cell in charge of financing major murderous attacks in Israel. Naomi knows she and her team will have to catch the “head of the snake “and find a way to take over the organizations’ bank accounts. It is up to her and the team to destroy the terror cell without revealing the other Mossad agents who are also involved in the mission, or she will lose people she loves.’

This novel pleads to be translated into a film. The characters are so well sculpted that any casting director’s assignment should a simple task: follow the leads! This is a not only a very well written novel but it also is a valuable aid to understanding terrorism’s impact on individuals and nations. Recommended.

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