Friday, February 1, 2019

Book Review: 'The Bottomless Cloud' by Thomas Koulopoulos and David Friend

The Bottomless Cloud by Thomas Koulopoulos

‘Data is increasingly the single most important differentiator in how companies innovate’

Co-author Tom Koulopoulos is the Chairman and Founder of Delphi Group, a 30 year-old think tank that advises Fortune 500 companies and governments on future trends. He is the past executive director of the Babson Center for Business Innovation, the author of ten books, an adjunct professor at Boston University, and a contributing editor for Co-author David Friend is co-founder and CEO of Wasabi, a revolutionary cloud storage company, Computer Pictures Corporation, Pilot Software, Faxnet, Sonexis and Carbonite. A graduate from Yale he attended the Princeton University Graduate School of Engineering where he was a David Sarnoff Fellow. David is on the board of Berklee College of Music.

In a very brief book (62 pages) the authors open our eyes and minds to the potential of cloud data as the center o business growth and evolution. For the majority of us for whom the world of artificial intelligence, cloud storage of data, and impact of data storage in the cloud is still in the sci-fi arena, welcome to the world as it progresses away from industrialization and into the realm of the Bottomless Cloud. ‘From Uber, to Nike, to Netflix, The Bottomless Cloud is defining the tenets of success in the 21st Century by changing the way we view data, from being a byproduct of business to a foundational driver of radically new business models.’

The joy of this little book is how manageable the new information is delivered, related in a learned yet accessible manner, allowing all reader entry into the promises of the future of the Bottomless Cloud. The book is a sound adjunct to business planning for survival in the future, but it is more than that: it is a journey toward understanding the inevitable possibilities the competitive battlefield of the future. 

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