Sunday, February 17, 2019

Book Review: 'Balance Theory: The Connection between Self-Esteem and Wellness' by Smadar Maizles

Balance Theory: The Connection between Self-Esteem and Wellness by [Maizles, Smadar]

‘Self-esteem is our consciousness immune system’


Israeli author Smadar Maizles earned her BA in Business Administration, her PhD in Health Sciences, and is a graduate of the Israeli Center for Meditation and Personal and Business Coaching. She offers workshops on healthy lifestyle, weight loss, personal awareness and training. She has served as a controller for high-tech companies and the Income Tax Authority, and now owns Touching the Soul, a personal and business coaching company. She received a doctoral degree from Mind-Body Medical University in California, her thesis being the basis of this book.

Smadar shares the inception of her Balance Theory which, while working in the finance sector, she abruptly discovered her son serving in the military was diabetic. In response to this ‘crisis,’ within three days of that discovery she developed her Balance Theory in which she blends complementary medicine and psychology to balance body, mind and spirit through nutrition and exercise.

The book is short but contains more energetic information on finding true wellness than other tomes of greater length. Smadar presents her Balance Theory and discusses the importance of self-esteem in gaining emotion balance. Her starting point is her personal experience with her son’s diabetes (she holds clinics designed to manage diabetes), but her information is applicable to all of us – a genuinely useful and operable technique for helping us all to discover how our emotions run our lives, and that through employing her Balance Theory we can improve our quality of life and gain personal balance, even in the face of crises.

Solid information from a fine inspiring coach, this book is not only applicable to the reader but it also provides a special opportunity to share this valuable concept with family and friends. Recommended. Grady Harp, February 19

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